AWMA Athletes and ProForce Gis Represent at the 2017 US Open

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AWMA Sponsored Athlete Kieran Tamondong in our ProForce WKA Approved Gi

AWMA Sponsored Athlete Kieran Tamondong in our ProForce WKA Approved Gi

It’s USA Open time again, karate fans!

The 2017 edition of the USA Open & Junior International Cup is currently wrapping up in Las Vegas this Easter long weekend and Asian World of Martial Arts is making its mark on the event. With our sponsored athletes Kieran Tamondong, Emma Teo, and Destiny Vergara in competition and a large number of karatekas sporting our Proforce® WKF Approved Diamond Kumite Uniform, AWMA is very well represented at the USA National Karate-do Federation event.

We talk a lot about how proud we are of our AWMA athletes in this blog, but we’re also proud of our products . That includes the  WKF approved gi, which was a very popular choice when we asked Kieran, Emma, and Destiny for suggestions for the 2016 holiday gift guide.

“AWMA continually searches the globe for new and exciting materials to manufacture innovative products that not only meet, but exceed, our customers’ expectations,” Georgette Ciukurescu, President and CEO of AWMA, recently told us about the uniforms, which our athletes have been using since 2016 and are now available for purchase at “Once we choose a new material and pattern, the product goes under vigorous testing with our R&D panel until our sales and customer service teams are 100% satisfied with the final result. We were more than thrilled with the outcome of our newest kata and kumite WKF approved gis.  It was so exhilarating to work directly with the World Karate Federation Headquarters in Spain to obtain approval.  As the President and CEO of AWMA, I am always energized every time we roll out new products and obtain raving customer satisfaction reviews.”

Given that our people and our products are shining on the world stage right now, we figured this week’s blog post would be a great opportunity to check in and see how everyone is doing in Vegas! Thanks to on-the-ground reporting from our AWMA Director of Digital Media, here’s what we know:


Will Richter.12.29.16

“I love my WKF approved Pro Force Gi from AWMA because it looks and feels great,” Team AWMA and ProForce sponsored athlete (and our favorite Power Ranger) tells us. “The jacket fits perfectly. The smooth and crisp fabric gives the gi and nice clean look and it has a really nice snap that competitors love. The pants fit comfortably on the waist and allows the belt to hold the pants and jacket in place on all my stances, jumps, punches and kicks. Overall, I think the WKF approved Pro Force Kata Gi from AWMA is amazing! I feel like it gives me the edge I need to always perform at my best.”



“I’m REALLY EXCITED about competing this weekend at The Junior International Cup and USA Open This is my first time competing in these events and in Las Vegas!” Team AWMA and ProForce sponsored athlete (and our favorite mutant) exclaims. “I’m so excited about competing among some of the top competitors in the WORLD!”

Emma, who is competing in the 14 year old Advanced Kata division, and the 14-15 Elite Kata division this weekend, says that new WKF approved Pro Force Kata Gi is comfortable and breathable, but it still has a good snap. “I always know it looks really sharp and fits great when I wear it and goes nicely with the AWMA belts.”

She also has some kind words for some of her other favorite AWMA gear: “Traveling and competing with my Transformer Backpack makes things so much more convenient!  It has lots of room with all of its pockets for everything I need and it can expand to make even more room when necessary.”



“This competition is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes from different parts of the country and making the best of this trip,” Team AWMA and ProForce sponsored athlete says about her appearance at the Open.

The Olympic karate hopeful is also excited about her uniform. “What I love about this gi is that it provides and great very nice and loud snap which is really important in a kata uniform. It is very breathable and creates perfect form to your body.”

AWMA Team members aren’t the only fans of our gis. Here’s what one of our customers shared with us:


Adam Rotbart

“What I want to say about this tournament is that it is a wonderful challenge due to the high level of competitors and variety of different countries. It amazing all the different culture and people you can either meet, or fight,” competitor Adam Rotbart smiles when asked what he enjoys about the Open.

He’s also pretty enthusiastic about the gi that he’s doing all of that fighting in. “I love competing in my AWMA ProForce Lightweight Kumite Gi because it forms my body so perfectly. I’m so comfortable wearing this gi while i fight I feel like I’m not wearing it and the kata is so crisp it attracts attention from all the judges amazingly constructed.”

Are you excited about the USA Open & Junior International Cup? What do you think of our gis? Let us know in the comments!