The 2017 AWMA Blog Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is upon us again, which means that it’s time for our 3rd annual AWMA Blog Gift Guide. This year, we’ve assembled a whole new collection of suggestions to help you figure out what to get the martial artists and martial arts fans on your holiday shopping list.

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So if you’re looking for a good deal on great products, here’s what our friends and AWMA sponsored athlete family are recommending for 2017:


Gift Davis (left) training with a pair of his go-to ProForce focus gloves

Gift Davis (left) training with a pair of his go-to ProForce focus mitts

To kick off this year’s guide, we have gift suggestions from Gift himself. Gift Davis is a Los Angeles-based boxing instructor. Gift, who recently appeared in an AWMA photoshoot, is a big fan of our ProForce boxing equipment.

“Boxing myself for 20 years and training for 8 years, I’ve got to put a lot of gear to the test. When I think about quality boxing gear ProForce is my go-to. My clients range from ages 4-74  and all equally approve that ProForce not only works great, it looks great as well.

Gift recommends a pair of focus mitts, like the Proforce® Combat Tactical Focus Mitt (available in 3 colors for $29.95 per pair):


And the Proforce® Gladiator Advanced Focus Pad ($29.95):


“My first experience with proforce products were the combat focus mitts. The thick and secure pad allowed my heavy handed client to push to his max while providing the most security for my hands and wrist,” Gift says.

For boxing students, Gift recommends a pair of ProForce boxing gloves like the ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Glove (available in 13 colors and 9 sizes for $34.95 per pair):

martial arts supplies

And the ProForce® Combat Boxing Training Glove (12oz, available in 8 colors for $49.95 per pair):

martial arts supplies

“My client used the focus gloves and raved about the initial sock-like fit and its comfort. After 6 rounds of boxing, he explained that the loves provides him great comfort and stability to allow him to ‘go all out’ in style. One year later we both still have and actively use our gloves and focus pads during our sessions. Looking forward to my next set!”


Destiny Vergara in her ProForce rash guard.

Destiny Vergara in her ProForce rash guard.

AWMA-sponsored athlete and multiple time USA National Karate Champion Destiny Vergara believes that a Proforce® WKF Approved Diamond Kumite Uniform Jacket ($53.95- $64.95) and a pair of Proforce® WKF Approved Diamond Kumite Uniform Pants are perfect for the karate competitor in your life.

martial arts supplies

“I love to train and compete in my ProForce WKF approved kumite gi,” she says. The gi is super lightweight and very comfortable to fight in, it allows for perfect movement and mobility. The durability and reasonable price makes the PROFORCE WKF approved kumite gi the perfect gi to sweat, dirty and even get a little bit of blood on.”

You can complete the gift with a ProForce® WKF Approved Karate Belt (available in blue and red for $19.95 each):

martial arts supplies

Asian World of Martial arts and ProForce finally have the prefect match to their WKF approved competition gi’s, the new ProForce WKF approved baby blue and red hot competition belts,” she says. “I love these bells because they look really sharp when I’m competing and are the perfect finishing touch to my  competition look.”

Destiny, who has recently added amateur wrestling to her impressive arsenal of combat skills, also has some gift suggestions for grapplers, like the ProForce® Deluxe Knee Pad (available in 3 sizes for $15.95 per pair):

martial arts supplies

And the ProForce® Raglan Long Sleeve Rash Guard (available in 7 sizes for $49.95 each):

martial arts supplies

“These shirts are prefect for wrestling, grappling, BJJ, karate or just working out at the gym. They are so comfortable to wear and look great. You can even customize them by putting your school, team or any logo on them.”


Kieran Tamondong

Kieran Tamondong

AWMA-sponsored athlete, multiple time World Karate champion, and rising TV star Kieran Tamondong recommends a pair of ProForce® Combat Shoes  ($64.95):

martial arts supplies

“I’ve been wearing ProForce shoes for the past 3 years,” he says.  “The new design is so cool and they look awesome! They are lightweight, comfortable and conveniently slip on and off whenever I need. They also provide me with excellent support and traction. I normally grab the black pair when I’m on the go. It’s perfect with jeans, gi pants or my track suit. I use them when I’m traveling through airports or going to and from the dojo and the gym. I keep the white pair in my karate bag to use when I’m at tournaments. They don’t take up much space but they are so much better than the flip flops or slides that some competitors wear. Unlike slippers, I can keep my ProForce Combat shoes on while Im warming up on any surface and still easily slip them off when its time to compete. I love these shoes.”

Kieran also suggests a ProForce® UCV™ Mega Backpack ($129.95):


“This is such a cool backpack! I love that it has lots of space and many different compartments. In addition to the large main compartment, it has a bunch of smaller mesh pockets inside and padded laptop pocket. This makes packing all of my gear easy and accessible. It also has cinch straps to keep the bag nice and compact whenever I need to tie it down. The shoulder straps are well padded and I love that it has a sternum strap across the chest for extra comfort when Im carrying lots of stuff. The additional handles on the top and side make it easy for me to grab and go when Im at the dojo, at tournaments, getting in and out of the car or traveling through airports. This is a really the perfect bag for anyone who carries lots of gear and is constantly on the go.”


Emma Teo

Emma Teo

AWMA-sponsored athlete, multiple time world champion, and actress Emma Teo gift ideas include a pair of ProForce® Weighted Gloves ($21.95):


“I absolutely love these gloves! They allow me to get my weight training in without a doubt in my mind that these gloves will stay on my hands! I use these when I’m training kata drills.”

For fitness enthusiasts and martial artists who cross-train, she recommends a pair of ProForce® Fitness Workout & Weight Lifting Gloves (available in 4 sizes for $14.95 per pair, more color and fit options available here):

martial arts supplies

“They are super light weight and comfortable and breathable!  A must have! I use these when I’m training on the Wave Master bag and when I’m conditioning and  strength training with weights. They come in a ton of cool colors too!”

She also suggests a pair – or  few pairs – of ProForce® Womens Shorts:

“These shorts are A M A Z I N G!!!! I have multiple pairs! They are so comfy and fit perfectly! Since they’re black and white they go with any outfit I have! My go-to shorts for sure!”

 martial arts supplies

Finally, here are some suggestions from AWMA on what to get this holiday season:

Proforce® Extreme Demo Samurai Swords – Leather Handle ($104.95):

martial arts supplies

The Proforce® Super Deluxe Sword Case ($79.95):


The ProForce® Lightning Sparring Head Guard / Headgear (available in 7 sizes and 6 colors for $37.95 each):


A pair of ProForce® Lightning Sparring Gloves / Punch (available in 6 sizes and 6 colors for $32.95  per pair):


A pair of ProForce® Lightning Kick shoes (available in 10 sizes and 5 colors for $32.95 per pair):


A ProForce® Competition Bo Staff (available in 6 sizes and 11 colors, starting at $22.95):


And a ProForce® Ultra Staff Case (available in 2 sizes, from $21.95-$24.95):


Happy Holidays and happy shopping from the AWMA Blog!