What It Takes to Find the Right Judo Uniform for Your First Challenge

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Are you ready to purchase your first Judo uniform? Our guide to finding the right Judo gi will help you take the next big step in your martial arts journey.

Whether you’re suiting up for your first class or preparing for your first competition, this is what you need to know about size, weight, weave, color, where to purchase your judo uniform wholesale, and more. 


Check With Your Gym

When you’re shopping for Judo uniforms, your instructors and other representatives from your gym are the best resource of all. Not only will they have years of experience and expertise in finding the right uniforms to fit their students’ needs, they’ll also be able to help you navigate any specific rules that your gym might have about uniforms (some gyms, for example, only allow certain colors or require certain patches). They can probably give you some tips on what Judo uniforms will be appropriate for any tournaments and competitions that you might be interested in. That’s why your research into new Judo uniforms should always start at home. 

Ask Your Training Partners

Once you know what you need in a Judo uniform, you can start to think about what you might like in one. If you’ve already started your Judo training — or if you know someone who has — it can be helpful to pick their brain about what they look for a in a good Judo uniform. What brand, size, weave, and weight do they prefer? Why do they prefer it? Knowing what does and doesn’t work for other people in a Judo uniform can help you understand what will make you feel most comfortable and effective in your future training and competition — and what will make you best prepared for the challenges ahead. 

judo uniforms wholesale

The Basics: 

Size: In general terms, what you’re looking for is a Judo uniform that will be loose enough to allow movement and flexibility while fitting enough that you’re not giving your future opponents (and sparring partners) too much extra fabric to use against you in their grips and submission attempts. This sizing guide from AWMA.com will help you to determine what size will fit best for your heigh and weight. 

Weight and Weave

Judo uniforms generally come in two weights: light and heavy. Both have their advantages and drawbacks and what will be best for you depends on what you want out of a judo uniform. The lighter option, also known as a single weave Judo gi, is a great option for beginners. It’s less expensive than the heavier options, and a little more comfortable to wear when you’re still getting used to training in a heavy cotton gi. Single weave Judo uniforms are also an excellent option for summer training to help you beat the heat. As you get more serious, though, a heavy weight, or double weave Judo gi will be both more durable and better for hard training and competition. If you’re really serious about your Judo training, though, having Judo uniforms of both types can keep you prepared and feeling comfortable during your training at any intensity and in any climate. 


While some companies sell Judo uniforms in a variety of colors, the traditional — and best — options for Judo gis are white and blue. Other colors might look fun and cool, but most gyms will prefer that you train in either a white or blue Judo uniforms, and most tournaments will have rules about what colors they’ll allow in competition. To be sure, check with your gym to see what their policies are and research the rules of any tournaments that you might be interested in.


To begin training in Judo, you will also need a white Judo belt. This will both keep the jacket of your Judo uniform in place and demonstrate your rank. The white symbolizes that you have just begun your training.

Still confused? We can help.

Still not sure about which martial arts uniforms are right for you? You can always reach out to the experts for any remaining questions or concerns you might have. We recommend visiting AWMA’s Help Center for more information.