0 Posted by - July 21, 2015 - Training

Here’s one of the things I love seeing the most. These are obviously two trained martial artist. I’m sure they have a pretty good idea of their own skill or at least they think they do.

They both start pretty confident and then the punches and the kicks start flying and making contact.

They first thing you notice is that these two guys are not really used to getting hit. You can tell by the way they get offended when the other guy hits them.

That’s just funny. Dude what did you think was going to happen? It’s a fight.

Then they start and you can see they’re throwing techniques they think are going to knock the other man out and landing them. Except they don’t knock the other man out. Fight keeps going. They’re confused.

That’s right, they’re confused because they have thought all this time that those techniques would end the fight and they don’t. Not a good moment to realize that the thing you thought would work doesn’t.

Then it degenerates into two kids going at it during recess.

They attempt the worse throw I’ve ever seen and then pound each other on the ground.

Yet another reason to train realistically. That way you won’t be embarrassed if anybody posts something of yours on Youtube.