0 Posted by - July 19, 2015 - Training, Wisdom

I started studying Brazilian Jiujitsu at Tim Cartmell’s academy in California.

One of the first things that impressed me was the ability of advanced players to truly control a larger and more powerful opponent.

This is the goal of all martial arts, to be able to defeat a physically superior individual. I find that most martial arts that claim this sometimes are not able to demonstrate. But Brazilian Jiujitsu is different in this regard.

The jiujitsu player is able to apply better leverage through better positioning. They use the large muscles of the legs and the hips to keep the opponent off balance and unable to apply their superior force.

Control like this takes many years to master, but it’s beautiful to watch.

Just found this video of Rener Gracie grappling a 275 pound opponent. Look how relaxed he stays. It’s just a game to him. Obviously he can’t muscle this guy into submission. He has to use superior skill.

Brain beats brawn, always.