How To Choose The Right Martial Arts Weapon

0 Posted by - May 2, 2024 - Training

Martial arts weapons play a number of roles in modern day martial arts.

For some martial artists, a weapon is one of the primary focuses of their training. Others can use them as a supplementary tool to help them improve hand-eye coordination, wrist strength, and more. You can train with martial arts weapons for fun, or try your hand in competitions and demonstrations. You can even use martial arts weapons training as a building block for a career in professional stunt work. 

Or you can become a collector who is content to admire martial arts weapons for their beauty without having to take them into any kind of battle. 

Whatever your reason for buying a martial arts weapon, there’s a make and model just for you. And this blog is designed to help you find it.

Let’s take a look at the different types of martial arts weapons available from AWMA and which ones will be the best for your training goals. 

Martial Arts Weapons For Beginners

When you’re taking your first steps into training with a martial arts weapon, you will need martial arts gear that meets you where you’re at. The best martial arts weapons for beginners will be light and easy enough to use to help you master the basic techniques of your discipline. They should be comfortable enough to help you relax while you’re developing the grip strength and situational awareness required to use your weapon properly. And ideally, they should do a minimum amount of damage to you and your surroundings if you slip or make any other rookie mistakes. 

Here are a few examples of great martial arts weapons that will get you started: 

Practice Nunchaku With Dragon: These beginner nunchaku feature foam padded handles for your comfort while you’re learning how to use nunchucks. Available in multiple sizes, colors, and designs. $9.95 USD

Chanbara Foam Staff: Made with high-density closer cell foam with extra padding at each end, this staff is designed for daily battle and all styles of bo training. It also has a sure grip foam center handle for maximum comfort. $49.99 USD.

Foam Bladed Training Kama: Perfect for beginners or practicing techniques requiring a softer touch. These Kamas are made of a durable foam rubber material that provides a safe and comfortable experience during training. The wooden handles make them easy to handle for martial artists of all levels. $29.99 USD

Practice Nunchaku With Dragon

Martial Arts Weapons For The Next Step

Once you know how to hold and move with your martial arts weapon of choice — and how to be aware of your surroundings while doing so — you can start to progress to intermediate weapons. This level of training weapons are usually more durable and better for performance while still maintaining the comfort of beginner options. 

Here are some options that will help you take your martial arts weapons training to the next level: 

Octagon Demo Nunchaku: These octagonal nunchucks are made from hardwood and strung together with reinforced nylon cord are an excellent option when you’re ready to up your nunchaku game. Great for everything from beginner training to demonstration teams. $19.99 USD.

ProForce® Competition Bo Staff: When you’re ready for the next step in your bo training, you can start to work with a competition style staff. This bo is made from durable hardwood and has rounded ends for less splintering. Available in multiple sizes and colors. $39.95 USD

ProForce® Foam Rubber Kamas II: ProForce’s intermediate Kama training option are an upgraded version of the original Foam Rubber Kamas that provide better durability and performance. They feature a hollow plastic core that provides additional strength and durability to the foam rubber blades. Their handles have a foam grip that is secure and comfortable to hold. When students are ready to advance beyond their beginner foam Kamas, this is the best choice. $34.99 USD

ProForce® Competition Bo Staff

Martial Arts Weapons For Competitors

If you decide that you want to compete or participate in demonstrations, you will need to look for martial arts weapons that have both substance and style. But it’s not just about looking cool. There’s a practical reason to invest in the best made and best looking martial arts weapons when you’re performing in front of an audience. You need equipment that will allow you to perform your techniques to the best of your ability, but you’ll also need gear that allows your audience to see your techniques as well as possible. 

Here are some examples of martial arts weapon that can help draw people’s eyes to what you’re doing: 

G-Force Next Generation Speed Chucks

G-Force Next Generation Speed Chucks: Crafted with precision in the USA, these speed chucks are engineered to propel your skills to unparalleled heights. These feature a cutting-edge 3-link ball bearing swivel that ensures fluid, seamless motion with every strike, and 3/4” diameter handles that strike the perfect balance between agility and stability, empowering you to execute complex maneuvers with confidence. Available in multiple sizes and eye-catching colors. $119.99 USD

G-Force Square Blade Kama

G-Force Square Blade Kama: Crafted with precision and expertise in the USA, these Kamas are the epitome of performance and style in martial arts weaponry. The square blade design offers unparalleled stability and control, allowing practitioners to execute precise movements with ease. The handles are meticulously crafted for comfort and grip, empowering martial artists to perform at their best without any compromises. And their vibrant colors allow you to add a personal touch to your martial arts arsenal. $149.99 USD

G-Force Extreme Grip Bo Staff

G-Force Extreme Grip Bo Staff: 

Engineered from premium hardwood, this staff boasts tapered ends for enhanced control and precision in your martial arts maneuvers. It also features a leather-wrapped grip for a secure hold that reduces fatigue during extended training sessions. Available in multiple sizes and vibrant color options to fit your size, skill level, and personal style. $159.99 USD