5 New Women’s Boxing Fitness Accessories For Spring

0 Posted by - April 3, 2019 - Training, Wisdom

Are you looking for new boxing gear and fitness accessories for the spring? AWMA has you covered with our brand new gear and timeless classics. 

This season is all about renewal, rebirth, and getting out with the old and in with the new. So whether you’re replacing old and worn out boxing gear, preparing to take your first ever fitness boxing lesson, or even refreshing your gym look, we’ve got the boxing gear and accessories that will help you do your best, and look and feel as good as new.

Patterned Boxing Gloves 

Boxing for fitness should be fun, right? Bring a little playfulness to your boxercise or boxing classes with a stylish pair of boxing gloves, like these new Floral Pink ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Gloves ($49.95 USD). They’re perfect for martial arts, boxing and cardio, feature a pre-curved form fit and hook and loop wrist strap, and come in 10oz, 12oz, and 14oz sizes.

More Traditional Boxing Gloves

A cool pair of patterned gloves might not suit everyone’s fashion or function needs. Some boxers and coaches, for example, believe that flashy boxing gloves can make it easier for your sparring partner or opponent to focus on your fists and anticipate your strikes. This obviously isn’t an issue if you’re taking boxing for purely fitness purposes. But it is something to keep in mind if you’re considering sparring or competition in the future. 

If you or your gym happen to have more old school taste in gloves, ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Gloves ($34.95 USD) come in a wide variety of solid colors, including silver, black, blue, and pink. They also come in red if you’re a traditionalist. 

Hand Wraps 

If your fitness boxing training includes heavy bag or pad work, a pair of hand wraps — like these Pink Camo 120” ProForce® Designer Handwraps ($9.95 USD) — is an essential piece of boxing gear to help support the small bones and sensitive tissues in your hands. Even if your boxercise program is non-contact, though, a pair of hand wraps can still keep you more comfortable by improving your glove fit and absorbing any excess sweat in the hand and wrist area during training. 

Boxing Shoes

The benefits of training in boxing shoes over running shoes or cross-trainers include better mobility (they’re lighter than most other fitness shoes), ventilation, traction, and ankle and shin support. ProForce® Velocity Shoes ($89.95 USD) offer all of the above — and they look great. 

A Gear Bag

Now you’ll need a new bag to store and transport all of your new boxing fitness gear! The ProForce® Deluxe Mesh Bag ($29.95 USD) is big enough to store all of your gloves, hand wraps, shoes, fitness clothes, water bottles, and whatever else you need to feel and do your best in your fitness boxing classes. And it has breathable fabric and mesh panels to keep all of that boxing gear as fresh as possible on the way home from that training.