The Best Martial Arts To Get In Shape For Summer

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If you’re looking for a new workout to help you prepare for summer, martial arts can get your mind and body in shape for the season. Here are the four best martial arts to help you feel healthier, stronger, and more confident this summer.


Karate lessons are a full body workout that improves your cardio and tones your muscles through warm-up exercises and strikes. The emphasis on precision and discipline will sharpen your brain as well as your body, keeping you in mental and physical shape this summer.


Whether you’re shadow-boxing, jumping rope, doing pad work drills or sparring, boxing’s high intensity interval training will improve your cardio, strength, endurance, and coordination. All of which will make you more fit and more confident in your summer activities. 


Cardio kickboxing classes offer an intense fully-body workout that strengthens your legs and glutes, tones your arms, and develops a solid and functional core. Training with pads, gloves, and heavy bags will give you an extra strength and conditioning challenge. Either way, kickboxing workouts are a great choice for getting in shape this summer. 


Even if you have no interest in competing, getting in fighting shape is an excellent way to get in summer shape, too. Mixed martial arts classes and MMA-inspired fitness classes will give you all of the challenges of the above mentioned marital arts — and all of the benefits.