Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s holiday time again, which means that it’s holiday shopping time again. But if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the martial artist or martial arts fan in your life, don’t worry! This also means that it’s AWMA Gift Guide season again.

For the full experience, you can head over to the brand new Asian World of Martial Arts site to check out the all-new 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. We also have a festive wish list that you can print out, fill out with all of your favorite items and hand in to your instructor, like this:


If you’re still not quite sure what to get – or ask for – this holiday season, though, we’ve compiled some suggestions from our AWMA models and sponsored athletes and some deep cuts from our online catalogue to bring you the second annual AWMA Blog Gift Guide!


Emma Teo in our ProForce Diamond Gi

Emma Teo in our ProForce Diamond Gi

Multiple time NASKA World Champion, WKA WTKA gold and silver medalist, actress, model, and AWMA-sponsored athlete Emma Teo tells us that she’s a big fan of the ProForce 14 oz. Kata gi ($99.95 – $159.95, sizes #00 thru #7, available with or w/o WKF label)   “It not only looks great every time I wear it, but it sounds great because it gives a nice ‘snap’ to sound powerful when I’m competing.”


She also recommends AWMA’s personalized belts (check out our embroidery page for more information), telling us that her 2” embroidered black always looks amazing – and it always lays flat and stays tight when she ties it. “The embroidery always displays clearly who I am and that I proudly represent AWMA. There’s no mistaking!”



Like Emma, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 USA National Karate Champion and AWMA-sponsored athlete Destiny Vergara loves the ProForce WKF Approved Diamond Kumite Uniform. She also recommends The Squeaky Thing ($14.95), the ProForce Stretchmaster ($279.95), the ProForce competition bo staff ($22.95), the ProForce Paddle (starting at $18.95), and ProForce Rebreakable Boards ($34.95).

And she put together this amazing video – with a little help from her friends – to help explain why she thinks these products would make such great gifts:



17 time World Champion, USA Karate team member, Little Big Shots star and AWMA-sponsored athlete Kieran Tamondong recommends the ProForce Transformer Backpack ($99.95). “This is one of the coolest backpacks ever!  It looks great as an everyday backpack that I can take to school, to the dojo, as a travel carry-on and at bring to tournaments.  What makes it extra special is that the bottom drops down and expands this bag to make the perfect gear bag to carry an extra uniform, foot pads, shin pads, hand pads and headgear on sparring days and at tournaments.”


He also loves the ProForce USA Karate Hoodie ($39.95). “The USA hoodies are awesome! It shows my passion for Martial Arts and my pride in representing my country at home, at school and when I’m traveling.  There is even a US Flag on the sleeve. USA USA USA! “


And finally, he suggests a pair of ProForce Ultra Lite Shoes ($59.95) for the competitor in your life. “I really, really like these shoes a lot and I wear them all the time!  Seriously I really do. They are so easy to put on and take off and no laces to tie! Whether I’m going to the dojo, I’m at a tournament, or I’m traveling through airports and going through TSA security, these are perfect. I leave the flip-flops at home and I wear these cool Proforce Ultra Light Shoes!”



Model and fitness enthusiast Kelly Yazdi was very impressed with ProForce’s boxing gear during a recent photo shoot with AWMA, and thinks they’d make great gifts this holiday season. “I’m a huge fan of the Proforce Boxing Gloves ($49.95); not only do they come in various sizes that can fit someone of any age, but you can make it a more personal gift my picking out a custom style or color. I personally love the classic blue!” she tells us.

Here she is in action with our gloves:

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She’s also hoping to find a pair of hand wraps ($5.95, available in 5 colors) – or more – under her tree this year.  “I like to sport different colored hand-wraps depending on the art that I’m doing, so having a variety of colored wraps is something I’d love to receive as a gift!”



If you’re looking for some training-related gear to put in your favorite martial artist’s stocking – or if you’re looking for the perfect little something to top up a gift – we have a large collection of items in our accessories section that sell for as little as a couple of dollars, including patches, like these iron-on achievement badges ($1.95 each):


We also have a wide selection of pins to represent the disciplines and countries closest to your heart. Like this cool judo flip pin ($1.95):


Or what about an AWMA hand towel? ($9.95)




If you’re still not 100% what to get, you can never go wrong with an AWMA e-gift card. They’re available in denominations of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, and $500, and they’ll give your recipient the opportunity to treat themselves to one of the above items – or one of the hundreds of other available in our online store!

Do you have any favorite martial arts-related gift ideas? Let us know in the comments!