The Tae Kwon Do Fighter Behind The Bottle Cap Challenge

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Have you been following the Bottle Cap Challenge? Do you want to know who started this social media trend, what’s it about, and maybe even how to do it yourself? 

We sure do! We love to see the different ways in which martial arts can have an influence on the word around us here at the AWMA Blog, so we were thrilled to see that the latest viral sensation has a connection to what we love best. It’s so interesting to see such a wide variety of people — from experts to amateurs — show off of their skills in this playful format. On the surface, the Bottle Cap Challenge is an amusement, but it’s also a great demonstration of the skill, precision, and timing that goes into any martial art technique. A successful take on the Bottle Cap Challenge is a celebration of martial arts skill. The funny failures are also a good reminder of just how much hard work and practice goes into getting those techniques right. (And let’s face it: most of us have at least a few good bloopers in our martial arts training history. Falling and failing is an important part of the learning process!)

Here’s what we’ve leaned about the Bottle Cap Challenge. And a few gear suggestions for anyone who has tried it for themselves and realized they might need a little more practice.

What is the Bottle Cap Challenge?

The premise is simple: Try to take off a water bottle’s lid using nothing but your martial arts skills. Then post the results on social media. The original weapon of choice — and still the most popular lid removal method— is a roundhouse kick. But some marital artists, stunt people, and action stars have successfully completed the challenge using other kicks, knees, and chops. Pop legend Mariah Carey used her voice

In most successful attempts, you can clearly see that the lid is at least partially unscrewed, but that doesn’t mean that the challenge is easy. You still need to make sure you’re hitting your target with the right accuracy, speed, and power to hit the cap, and to knock it off without disturbing the rest of the bottle. 

Who started the Bottle Cap Challenge? 

The Bottle Cap Challenge appears to originate with a June 25 Instagram post from a martial artist named Farabi Davletchi. The post features the Tae Kwon Do champion from Kazakhstan successfully knocking off the cap and challenging MMA fighter Conor McGregor and action stars Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan to do the same.–E/

Statham responded. According to the Transporter star, this was his very first attempt:

McGregor followed. (We’re still waiting on Chan and JCVD.)

The Ip Man, martial arts movie legend Donnie Yen, took it to the next level.

And the rest is history.

Who is Farabi Davletchi?

According to his Instagram bio, Davletchi is a world Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do champion (2014), two time Eurasian Tae Kwon Do champion (2015, 2016), and European Taekwondo champ (2015). Davletchi says he is a 1st Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do and in Aikido.

In a 2015 interview translated by Heavy, Davletchi’s interested in martial arts was first sparked in childhood, when he saw Bruce Lee in action. “I have always been based on the philosophy of Bruce Lee. He always said that he was not engaged in any particular martial art, they are for all people,” he said.

The future viral star began training in Karate as a child, and switched to Judo and wrestling in his early teens. At 15, he began his journey in Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. In addition to launching worldwide martial arts trends on social media, he also teaches at his dojo in Kazakhstan.

Have you tried the Bottle Cap Challenge? 

Did you succeed, or do you need more practice? If you’re looking to improve your kick-based bottle-opening powers, AWMA has all of the gear you’ll need to work on those strikes. We recommend a free-standing heavy bag if you want to practice on your own. Or a Tae Kwon Do uniform if you want to train like Davletchi.