6 Reasons To Use A Pair of Hy-Gens 2 Shoes For Martial Arts Training

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Are you looking for footwear to wear around the dojo? Or are you not always comfortable training in bare feet? The Hy-Gens™ 2 Shoe could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Made of neoprene and designed to fit your foot like a glove, Hy-Gens 2™ are odor-free protection for your feet. They’re thin enough to be worn with sparring gear or in place of socks. And their soles are both non-slip and non-grip, which allows for easy movement during training. In other words, they’ll protect your feet from skin problems and protect your nose from your feet without getting in the way of your training. 

They’re also available in sizes from a youth small to an adult x-large, which means that martial artists of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of a pair of Hy-Gens 2 shoes. 

Here are six reasons you might want to add a pair or two to your martial arts gear. 

1. They’re comfortable. 

Thanks to its soft neoprene uppers, form-fitting design, and unobtrusive seams, Hy-Gens 2 shoes are comfortable to wear. Even when you’re training. In fact, they’re so comfortable you might not even realize that you’re wearing footwear at all! Unless one of the reasons you want to wear footwear for training is that you have sensory issues. In that case, wearing a pair of Hy-Gens can feel even better than bare feet. 

They’re also a great alternative to wearing flip-flops to walk around the dojo if you don’t like the feeling of something between your toes, or the backs slapping against your heel with every step. 

2. They can help your performance.

Or, at the very least, they won’t hurt your performance at all. Hy-Gens 2 shoes have a non-slip and non-grip sole. Which means they’ve been designed specifically to give you the perfect balance between stability and mobility. You won’t slip around like you might if you were training in a pair of socks. But you also won’t get stuck mid-movement and risk messing up your moves — or even hurting yourself. Wearing a pair of Hy-Gens 2 shoes allows you to train just like you would in bare feet, with a little extra protection. 

Speaking of which…

3. They protect your feet.

Wearing a pair of Hy-Gens 2 shoes on the mats and around the dojo can protect your feet from many of the hazards that come with barefoot training, including mat burn, hair slivers, and skin problems. If you have any sensory issues related to the soles or your feet or toes, they can also protect you from any unpleasant sensations that come from training barefoot. 

4. They’re easy to clean.

Hy-Gens 2 shoes are machine washable and don’t require any special care. You can throw them in with the rest of your machine washable gear after every class, hang them to dry, and be ready to train with a clean pair for the next one.

5. They’re affordable.

Hy-Gens 2 shoes can accommodate almost any budget. All sizes of Hy-Gens 2 are currently available from AWMA.com for just $14.95 USD per pair. At that price, you might even be able to invest in a few pairs and rotate them, saving you some extra laundry. 

6. They’re convenient. 

They’re easy to wear, easy to clean, easy on the budget, and take up almost no room in your gear bag. All you have to do is order a pair of Hy-Gens 2 shoes, throw them on, take some basic care of them, and start enjoying the benefits!