The 2022 AWMA Blog Holiday Gift Guide

0 Posted by - November 18, 2022 - Training

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time for another edition of our annual AWMA Blog Gift Guide

Once again we’ve assembled a collection of our top selling and most beloved martial arts gear to help you find the perfect gift for the martial artists in your life. But this year we’re adding some bonus hints. Are you shopping for fitness buffs? Collectors? Someone in desperate need of a new source of stress relief? We might have something for them, too. 

Target Practice

Target training is an important part of many martial arts and combat sports, including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Here’s a selection of training gear that will help the person you’re shopping for stay fit and focussed. 

The Goods: 

  • ProForce® Rebreakable Boards: Just slide together and start breaking. Their high impact molded plastic allows boards to be broken over and over again.Their rubber pad covers both sides and provides a sure grip for the holder. And they’re available in four different widths (1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 5/8”) $44.95 USD-$49.95. For more specs on measurements, wooden board equivalent, and approximate breaking tension, please see
  • ProForce® Target Master – Focus mitt stands are an amazing solo training tool for anyone who wants to work on their strikes and their cardio on their own. For more information on how to train with stands like the Target Master, check out our blog about it. The ProForce® Target Master features 4 adjustable 19″ long paddles for multi-angle strikes. Reinforced with flexible steel spring coils, the Target Master springs to life after every strike. With a plastic base measuring 24″ in diameter and an overall height of 60″ the Target Master is perfect for training. Fill the base with sand or water to keep it weighed down for secure striking. Approximately 130 lbs. total when base is filled. Some assembly required. Not for outdoor use. $299.95 USD. Additional shipping applies.
  • 12 oz ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Gloves: These multi-purpose gloves by ProForce® are ideal for martial arts, boxing, cardio and fitness workouts. Feature a pre-curved form fit design with flex grip palm. Ultra cuff wrist strap with hook and loop closure ensure a perfect fit. Thumb-lok feature offers proper form while punching. The foam core with cotton lining makes these gloves very comfortable. These gloves are available in sizes from 8 oz. – 24 oz, but 12 oz is a great choice for general use if you’re buying for a beginner or you’re not sure which weight to choose. $39.99 USD

Great For: Rebreakable boards are both a fun and practical gift for anyone who trains in Karate or Tae Kwon Do. The Target Master’s a great choice for anyone who wants to start training in Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, or Muay Thai. Or anyone who’s interested in adding some extra at-home focus work and conditioning to their current training. It can also be useful for martial artists from other disciplines looking for a new cross-training workout. And you can always throw in a set of boxing gloves to use with it!

Also Great For: Martial artists aren’t the only people who can benefit from a good workout. If you know someone who is seriously interested in a new form of cardio, someone who is looking for new ways to work on their hand-eye coordination, or someone who could really use a new form of stress relief, the Target Master and a set of 12 oz boxing gloves could be the right gift for them, too. 

Mobility and Flexibility Training

Mobility and flexibility are an important part of martial arts training. And a key component of performance in martial arts competition. They also happen to be a vital — and often overlooked — component of health and well-being in general. Which makes any martial arts gear that targets flexibility a potential gift for your non-martial arts loved ones, too. 

The Goods: 

  • ProForce® Stretchmaster: This piece of exercise equipment has been designed to give you the ultimate leg stretch. Tubular steel construction gives you a sturdy base. A padded back rest and leg extensions give you a comfortable workout. And the gears are designed help you push yourself to your limits, hold yourself there, and then safely return to your starting position. Plus the ProForce® Stretchmaster folds up for easy storage. $424.95 USD. Additional shipping applies. 
  • Competition Bo Staff II: These classic martial arts weapons are made from select hardwoods and have rounded ends to cut down on splintering. The Competition Bo Staff II is excellent for practicing forms or competition and is available in 6 lengths and 3 colors. $39.99 USD

Great for: The Stretchmaster is a strong option for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, from seasoned martial artists to weekend warriors, to people who saw a Bruce Lee movie once and tried to replicate a move or two at home. 

Also great for: It’s an outside of the box or outside of the dojo suggestion, but hear us out. We all know someone who would like to add more mobility and flexibility into their work, but just can’t find the motivation for any reason. Maybe it’s you, too. S bo As a left of centre gift idea that could be the thing they need to try. Bo training itself can actually be great for mobility if they want to go that route. But even if they don’t, a bo staff can be used for any flexibility or mobility exercise that employs a dowel. 

Martial Arts Weapons

Do you have a ninja or karateka in your life? Or maybe an aspiring one? These next items might be just what they need. 

The Goods:

  • Competition Kamas: These Competition Kamas have a 10” natural hardwood handle and a 7” stainless steel vented blade. They also feature wrist cords for extreme moves. They’re sold in pairs and come in 6 colors. $38.24-$$44.99 USD
  • ProForce® Extreme Demo Samurai Sword: Ideal for competitions and practice, the Extreme Demo Samurai Sword has an aluminum non-sharp polished lightweight blade and a high-gloss black finished wooden scabbard. Available in 3 sizes with the option of a wood or leather handle. $199.99-$249.99 USD

Great for: Competition and demo martial arts weapons like kamas and swords make wonderful presents for anyone who is doing weapons training. Whether they’re working toward demos and competitions, or just trying it out for fun, these items will be just what they need to help them on their training journey. 

Also great for: It’s probably best to leave these gifts to the trained professionals and amateurs. But if you know someone who doesn’t train but really wants a sword, we have another suggestion below.

Martial Arts Decor

Martial artists and martial arts enthusiasts can deck their halls with the help of these stylish display items. 

The Goods:

  • Karate Belt Display Wood Rack: This wooden belt display rack can beautifully display martial arts belts of any size and mounts easily to a wall. And custom engraving is available. Ask for more details. Available in 6 and 10 belt display options. $49.99- $79.99 USD
  • Black Dragon 3 Sword Set:This 3-piece sword set is black featuring a carved dragon design on a lacquer-finished scabbard. It’s ideal for display purposes. $119.99 USD

Great for: Belt display racks can make a thoughtful gift for anyone on your shopping list who trains in a graded martial art. It’s not just a tool that can allow them to display the belts they’ve earned. It’s also a sign that you’re proud of the work they’ve put in so far and that you support them as they continue to train and progress. 

Also great for: Who doesn’t want a sword?