New Year, New Uniform: 16 AWMA Products That Will Take Your Martial Arts Training To The Next Level In 2024

0 Posted by - January 5, 2024 - Training, Wisdom

Happy New Year! We here at the AWMA Blog hope that your 2024 is filled with fresh learning opportunities, new goals being set and met, and new highs in your martial arts training journey. 

To support you on that journey, we’ve put together a list of martial arts gear to help your achieve your martial arts-related New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to take up a new martial art, or push yourself to the next level in your current training, these products will help you get the most out of your 2024. 

If you’re taking up a new martial art in 2024…

You’ll want to do is stock up on the basics. 

Uniforms And Other Clothing

The first thing you’ll need is appropriate clothing to wear to your first martial arts training sessions. For martial arts that require a uniform like Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Tae Kwon Do, that means investing in a quality gi or dobok. For other martial arts and combat sports like MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and no-gi wrestling, you will need a rash guard and the right type of shots for your discipline. 

Here are some recommendations available from to get you started:

For Karate: A medium weight Karate gi like the ProForce® 8 oz. Karate Uniform (Elastic Drawstring) – 55/45 Blend is both affordable and comfortable enough for beginners who aren’t sure exactly what they want out of their training or a uniform yet, and durable enough to withstand all of those early training sessions and beyond. 

For Judo: The ProForce® Gladiator Judo Uniform (Traditional Drawstring) is a great choice for any experience or ability level. (And white is usually a safe color choice if you don’t know the rules of your gym yet.)

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The ProForce® Gladiator “Pearl” Jiu-Jitsu Uniform is also a good choice for any experience or ability level. (And the color choice applies to BJJ gyms, too.)

For Tae Kwon Do: Comfortable and durable, the ProForce® Gladiator 7.5 oz. TKD Uniform is a great option for any TKD student looking for a medium weight uniform. 

For MMA: With lightweight and ultra durable micro fibre fabric, an all way stretch, and a split thigh design allows for high knee kicking, ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts are designed to accommodate and withstand the demands of all of the martial arts techniques involved in mixed martial arts training. 

For Boxing: Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable, ProForce Sport Mystery Mutant Shorts are a solid choice for Boxing. And you can use them for basketball, the gym, and the beach, too.

For Muay Thai: With soft satin fabric, a comfortable waist band, and legs and short enough to allow for kicking and leg movement, ProForce® Muay Thai Shorts are a great option for any level of Muay Thai training. 

Sparring and Protective Gear

The majority of martial arts training will require you to spend some time learning the basics before you jump into any form of contact sparring. And many gyms will have communal equipment that you can use before you choose to invest in your own, like head gear and gloves. So you won’t need a full kit of sparring gear right away. But you might feel more comfortable if you start with some necessities of your very own. (Especially if you have any concerns about smell.)

For Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing: The ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Glove comes in multiple sizes and colors, which means there’s a glove for fighters of every size, shape, experience level, and style.

For MMA: A pair of 4oz ProForce® Ultra II Leather MMA Gloves will get you ready for MMA-specific sparring, pad work, and grappling training.

For Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA: If your shins are both a target and a potential weapon in your martial art or combat sport of choice, a pair of ProForce® Combination Cloth Shin/Instep Guard is an affordable way to protect yourself and stay fresh and clean during your early sparring sessions. 

For all of the above: Easy enough for beginners to use and strong enough for the pros, a pair of ProForce® Stretch Hand Wraps – 180″ is a must-have for anyone who is training with a pair of gloves.

If your goal is to take your martial arts training to the next level in 2024…

Then there a few things you’ll want to consider when you’re shopping for new gear.

First, it’s worth going through your current gear and assessing whether you need to replace anything or invest in some new gear that can meet the demands of your new goals. (All of the above uniform and clothing recommendations go for regular training and sparring and some competitions/tournaments. But we’ll include a few competition-specific suggestions below.)

One that’s settled, it’s time to start thinking about wether you’ll need any new types of martial arts gear to be able to meet your goals. For example, if you take Karate and you want to start pursuing weapons training, you might need to invest in some training weapons. Or if you’ve resolved to pursue a belt promotion in your martial art, you could look into a display rack to help motivate you—and to give you somewhere to store your old belt(s) when you reach your goal. 

For Karate Competition: AWMA’s selection of WKF approved uniforms, like the Tokaido® 8 oz. “NST” Kumite Uniform, Tokaido® 12 oz. Tournament Uniform (Traditional Drawstring), and ProForce® 13 oz. Diamond Kata Gi (Traditional Drawstring) – 100% Brushed Cotton are ready for all of your competition training and tournament needs. 

For Weapons Training: The Competition Bo Staff II, Foam Chain Chuck – Black w/ Gold Dragon II, and Champion Kama II are all great options for those beginning their weapons training journey. They’re lightweight and easy enough for beginners to handle to but solid and durable enough to withstand more intense training sessions as you progress. Plus they all look cool, which can help to keep you motivated during more challenging moments in your training. 

For Belt Promotions: Simple and stylish, with the option of models that hold 6 or 10 belts, the Karate Belt Display Wood Rack is a great way to store old belts and a great way to help motivate you to earn your next one.