A Guide To Buying The Right Boxing Shoes

0 Posted by - June 27, 2019 - Training
boxing shoes

You’ve started boxing training. You’ve got a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps. Now it’s time to think about boxing shoes. Do you need them? What style? What size?

Our boxing shoes buyer’s guide will help you select the right pair for your boxing training needs. 

Are boxing shoes important?

If you’re taking boxing fitness or boxercise classes, you can probably get away with cross-trainers. Anything more serious than that and your ankles and feet will need the sports-specific support that boxing shoes provide. Running shoes are designed to support your feet in only one direction. Wrestling shoes have too much traction on their soles. Boxing shoes are essential if you want to train as safely and effectively as possible. 

boxing shoes

Low-top vs high-top boxing shoes: which are better?

Your boxing shoe style depends on your boxing style. If you’re a speed boxer, low-top shoes will allow for more speed and range in your foot and ankle movement. If you’re maneuverer, high-top boxing shoes will provide necessary support for your ankles and shins as you pivot and shift around the ring. 

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Boxing shoes should be as light as possible while still providing support. Look for a breathable shoe with a light heel that won’t weigh you down when you’re on the balls of your feet. 

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Although your size will be similar, boxing shoes are more narrow and should fit tighter than your regular cross-training or running shoes. 

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