A Guide To Training More Comfortably

0 Posted by - September 28, 2023 - Training, Wisdom

Discomfort is an unavoidable part of martial arts. Challenging your body in new ways often leads to muscle stiffness for a day or two after training. Intense physical activity involves pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Getting taken down, thrown, swept, hit, or put into a submission hold during sparring and competition is never going to feel nice.

Identifying discomfort and figuring out what to do about it an integral part of training, too. We learn when and how to manage it — and when it’s time to acknowledge that something’s wrong and give up.

But just because aspects of martial arts training can be uncomfortable doesn’t mean that everything about it should be. Take your training gear, for instance. There’s absolutely no reason that your martial arts uniforms and sparring gear should feel too scratchy, tight, shifty, or otherwise unpleasant. 

In fact, wearing comfortable martial arts gear can actually help you become a better martial artist. Everything from abrasive seams to ill-fitting pants to improper padding can distract you from the tasks at hand. Comfortable gear allows you to relax and focus on your techniques and game plan. 

Here are four things to consider when you want to stay comfy while kicking butt:


The most important factors to consider when you’re looking for a comfortable martial arts uniform are fit and fabric. A uniform that’s too big can shift too much and even come undone while you’re training, which leads to annoying distractions and possible chafing. One that’s too small can feel unpleasantly tight and potentially constrict circulation. The right size will help to keep itself and your body in the best shape so that you can dedicate all of your attention to training instead. 

The right fabric can make your training experience even more comfortable. A quality gi will be made of material that’s durable enough to endure the wear and tear of training while remaining soft to the touch, so that you don’t have to feel like you’re moving around in sandpaper. If you have issues training in heavy clothing — or clothing that gets heavy when it gets sweaty — a lighter weave uniform might help to make you feel more comfortable, too. 

Rash Guards and Other Clothing

Everything you wear under your martial arts uniform — and everything you wear if you’re not training in a gi or dobok — will also factor into your overall comfort. A well-fitting rash guard made with a quality knit and unobtrusive seams will feel nice against your skin and stay in place while you move, minimizing friction and annoying distractions. Compression wear might help to improve circulation and help you to feel grounded if you get anxious or nervous during training. Compression shorts with a built-in cup can provide comfort and peace of mind for those who need one. And finding the right style, size, fabric, and length for shorts in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and no gi wrestling will help you to avoid issues involving rubbing, constriction, and other unpleasant tactile distractions. 

Sparring Gear and Accessories

All of the extra bits that you wear when you’re training and sparring can play a role in maintaining a level of comfort, too. If you don’t have any series issues that require medical attention, or medical grade equipment, sparring gear like knee, elbow, and ankle pads and compression sleeves can help you to feel a little more support for your joints. Wearing a mouthguard can help you to avoid biting your cheeks and scratching the soft tissue in your mouth, which will make you feel a little better during and after training. Ear guards can cut down on the amount of abrasion that your cartilage has to endure during the average grappling session and help dull sounds if you find them distracting or painful during training. If you have sensitive feet, a pair of Hy-Gens™ 2 Shoes can put a layer between you and your training surfaces. If you have sensitive shins, shin and instep guards can give you some extra padding. And a well-designed gear bag can help you travel to and from the gym in comfort, so that you don’t add any transportation and lifting-related tweaks and aches to your next training session. 

Recovery and Lounge Wear

You can stay comfortable even longer if you pick the right clothing to wear before and after training. The ProForce Sport line, for example, is full of athleisure wear designs that were inspired by martial arts and designed for daily life. The brand’s Karate pants, gi pants, and Muay Thai shorts will all keep you looking and feeling great when you are resting and recovering.