AWMA Thinks Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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AWMA Team Member Destiny Vergara in her ProForce gi with pink detail and pink belt.  Photo courtesy of Destiny and Gerald Vergara

AWMA Team Member Destiny Vergara in her ProForce gi with pink detail and pink belt.
Photo courtesy of Destiny and Gerald Vergara

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The annual campaign, which is observed by a number of countries across the globe, including the U.S.A. and Canada, was designed to increase awareness, encourage screening to assist in early detection, and to provide resources to those who are or might be affected by the disease.

On their website, the National Breast Cancer Foundation encourages getting involved by downloading their free breast health guide, participating in fundraising opportunities, and sharing related educational content with your friends on social media.

Asian World of Martial Arts and our AWMA-sponsored athletes are doing our part this October by using our pink ProForce products and representing on mats, in tournaments, and in dojos over the course of the month.

“First, personally, it is really important for me to support women and men who are battling this terrible disease and encourage them to seek support and treatment,” Georgette Ciukurescu, CEO, President, and Founder of Asian World of Martial Arts, Inc. told this blog about why this cause is so important to the company.I also am aware from several AWMA employees that this issue is near and dear to their hearts because of family members and friends that have struggled with breast cancer or have had a breast cancer scare.”

Here are some of the ways that AWMA-sponsored athletes will be doing their part to help raise awareness this month:


AWMA just shipped brand new pink karate uniforms and belts for rising martial arts competitor Averi Presley to use in competition this month – including her most recent competition.

Here’s the 8-year-old sensation showing off gear with her AWMA teammate Emma Teo  at  the NASKA 6-A Rated Diamond Nationals Tournament that ran in Minneapolis, Minnesota from October 7-8:

Averi Presley and Destiny Vergara

Averi Presley and Emma Teo


Multiple time NASKA world champion, WKA WTKA gold and silver medalist, actress, and model Emma Teo also received a package of new gear for October, including AWMA’s Pink Karate Jacket, a black karate belt with pink embroidery, and a pink embroidered karate belt. She recently showed off her near gear on Instagram:

And here’s a photo of of Emma at the Diamond Nationals with her AWMA teammate and her Team Sync partner Kieran Tamondong. Kieran was also thinking pink for the competition.

Emma Teo and Kieran Tamondong

Emma Teo and Kieran Tamondong


Multiple time USA National Karate Champion, 2015 Jr. Pan-American Bronze Medalist, National Honor Society middle school student, performer, and dancer Destiny Vergara has also been spreading awareness via social media and competition. In addition to the showing her support with her black ProForce gi with custom pink embroidery in the photo at the top of this post and her appearance at the Diamond Nationals, she also shared this photo of her sporting the her pink karate belt in competition on her Facebook page:

Source: Destiny Vergara's Facebook page

Source: Destiny Vergara’s Facebook page


Destiny’s sensei is also getting into the spirit this month. Posting a series of photos that feature him and his students in ProForce pink karate belts on his dojo, Kai Leung’s Shotojuku, Master Kai Leung wrote:  “As we all know, October is breast cancer awareness month and we would like everyone to participate if you can to donate to a cancer treatment center, wear something pink or show your support by wearing a pink belt.The more support we get, the more aware others will be. We might know a friend, family member or even our selve who is fighting breast cancer or had fought it and won, so please share this picture. Let others be aware so that they may also participate and help this cause. Thank you”

Source: Kai Leung's Shotojuku's Facebook Page

Source: Kai Leung’s Shotojuku’s Facebook Page

If you’d like to join in on our athletes’ pink-thinking action this month, Asian World of Martial Arts offers all of the above gear and more in our online store. AWMA and ProForce have been in the business of producing pink martial arts gear since the demand for pink boxing gloves soared with the popularity of cardio kickboxing classes for women in the late ‘90s, and we now offer a wide range of uniforms, gloves, bags, shoes, and even bo staffs for all of your colorful needs this October and beyond.

Here’s a glimpse of some of what you can find at


ProForce Deluxe Sports Bag – Yin & Yang Pink -$39.95


ProForce 6 oz. Lightweight Student Uniform – Pink (Elastic Drawstring)– $34.95


ProForce Tactical Boxing Training Gloves- Black/Pink – $39.95


ProForce Competition Bo Staff wth Pink Finish- $22.95

We also offer custom embroidery in pink (as well as many other colors). We can take any design, from the simple to the complex, using as many colors as requested. Visit the embroidery section of our site for more details.

Will you be thinking pink this October? Do you have any pink ProForce gear? Let us know in the comments!