How To Boost Your Performance With Custom Embroidered Martial Arts Gear

0 Posted by - January 21, 2024 - MMA, Training

Are you a coach who is looking for news ways to cultivate and celebrate team pride? A gym owner who wants to strengthen your brand recognition? Or an individual martial artist who is interested in adding some personal touches to your gear?

Whatever your reasons are for searching for something a little different from the pack, AWMA’s custom embroidery services can help your martial arts gear look stylish, professional, and completely you. 

Let’s take a look at the types of custom embroidery services that AWMA offers, and some of the many ways that it can benefit martial arts gym owners, instructors, and students. 

What custom embroidery services are available from AWMA?

AWMA offers three main types of embroidery services for martial arts gear. All three are available for bulk orders, which makes them excellent options for gyms, teams, and other groups. Two of these services are also available on a per item basis, which gives individual martial artists a wide range of opportunities to personalize their own gear and show off their own sense of style in their training. 

Custom Belt Embroidery

AWMA offers custom embroidery options for any of our ProForce® Solid ColoredProForce® Striped, or Tokaido belts. This includes name, degree bars, logo, and other design ideas in over 30 thread colors and over 20 fonts. Just download the Custom Embroidery Belt Form, fill in your choice of color thread, choose your block or script font, and include any other relevant details and send it to the email address or call the number on the form for further information. For any foreign language or logo ideas, please include a .jpg or .pdf of your ideas.

Belts are shipped within 1-2 weeks of the final approval of your design requests. 

Custom Embroidery

AWMA also offers custom embroidery services for other types of martial arts gear, including uniforms, beanies, caps, bags, pants, and more. Text, logos, and other designs are available in over 30 colors, and 20 fonts. Other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic can be embroidered, but translations for these languages will need to be provided by email. 

There is no minimum order required for this service, but quantity discounts are available for bigger orders. For more information, design consultation, quotes, and delivery time estimates, please check out the custom embroidery form and contact AWMA

Custom Patches

AWMA can provide your martial arts school, team, or club with custom patches for your ProForce® garments & gear bags. Patches come in 14 size options ranging from 1″-12″ and can be embroidered in as many colors as the design requires. The finished product can be attached with a patch adhesive or sewn onto martial arts uniforms, gear bags, and more. (One customer came up with a way to attach their small patches to belts!) 

There is a minimum order of 50 pieces for this service. Cost is based on the dimensions of the patch, and the estimated delivery time is approximately 3-5 weeks after final approval of your request. Contact AWMA to get started. 

We offer Custom Gear Labels for sparring gear. Custom Gear Labels are based on # of colors 1-6 and are 2’” max width. The customers can put on themselves or we can apply for a fee, they are heat transfer & take approximately 8 weeks to complete. Reach out to AWMA to learn more about this alternative. 

How can AWMA’s custom embroidery services benefit your martial arts training?

The reasons for adding custom embroidery work to your martial arts gear are an unique and creative as you are. Here are a few general tips to get your mind going: 

Celebrate your accomplishments: Getting your name, design, or ranking embroidered on a new martial arts belt can help you celebrate belt promotions, show pride in what you’ve learned so far, and motivate you to strive for the next level.

Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Having your team or gym’s insignia embroidered on your uniform or other martial arts gear is a way that you can assert your commitment and pride in your martial art, your instructors, and your training partners. 

Make yourself a good luck charm. Having words or a small design that is personally meaningful to you embroidered on your gear can be a source of inspiration in training and competition. 

Cultivate your personal style. Custom embroidery looks cool. Why not use it to share a little bit of your personality and style in your training?

How can AWMA’s custom embroidery services benefit your gym or martial arts business?

There are as just as many if not more ways that bulk custom embroidery offers can help gym owners, team coaches, and other martial arts professionals. Here are some community and brand-building ideas to get your started: 

Develop a new income source: Custom made patches featuring your gym or team’s logo are an affordable and in demand item that you can sell at the front desk. If you don’t want to make the investment in a large order up front, you can also consider a pre-order among staff and students. Either way, it’s a fun and rewarding fundraising opportunity. 

Provide extra value for your students. Signup packages for new recruits that include a membership and a bonus patch, white belt, or even a martial arts uniform that features your group’s logo is a smart way to offer new customers added value and an instant sense of belonging when they choose to join your gym. 

Cultivate your community and your brand recognition at the same time. High quality and good looking customized gear that bears your gym’s name and/or logo allows your students to show off their team with pride—and potentially attract new attention to your company. 

Present a united front at tournaments. Lets’ face it, a team who shows up in professional matching uniforms with custom design work can be pretty intimidating. It shows that you take pride in your team and each other, and lets your opponents know that you’re a collective force to be reckoned with. 

Are you ready to start designing logos? Do you still need more info? Either way, you can contact AWMA to start the process.