Martial Arts Gear That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

0 Posted by - June 26, 2024 - Training, Wisdom

It’s getting hot again, but AWMA has the martial arts gear you need to stay fresh and cool. 

As we head into what promises to be another scorcher of a summer, the need to keep our cool in intense circumstances isn’t just a figurative challenge for martial artists anymore. We need to literally make sure that we’re not getting overheated during training, sparring, and cross-training exercises. 

Training outdoors in the summer weather — or indoors in spaces that aren’t perfectly climate controlled — can be a fun and rewarding experience. But it also comes with some important responsibilities. Even mild overheating during training can lead to discomfort, a lack of focus, and diminished results. More severe cases can lead to heat stroke and other serious health concerns. 

Staying healthy and comfortable during summer martial arts training requires smart preparation, thoughtful execution, and good gear. In previous heat waves, the AWMA Blog has covered the first two with posts about training in the heat and how to stay cool during summer training. We’ve also looked at how to use your AWMA martial arts gear to stay cool. Now we’re going to take a closer look at that last element and talk about the gear itself.

Here are six products from that can help you beat the heat this summer. 

Proforce® 10oz. Karate Uniform

With its premium 10oz 100% cotton canvas brushed fabric, reinforced collar, elastic pull-string waist, and gusseted crotch, the Proforce® 10oz. Karate Uniform is a solid choice for training in any season. Like all good Proforce® martial arts uniforms, it’s durable but comfortable, and is designed to accommodate a wide range of movement during training and sparring. 

What makes this model a particularly good choice for summer training, though, is one of its unique key feature: ventilated pits. If you’re looking for maximum breathability, this uniform’s strategically placed ultra-channeling ventilation air mesh armpits will keep you cool and comfortable during even the most intense training session. 

ProForce® Gladiator 16 Oz. TSD Master Uniform 


For senseis and Tang Soo Do practitioners who are looking for a similar balance in all seasons function and hot weather compatibility, AWMA has the ProForce® Gladiator 16 Oz. TSD Master Uniform. Meticulously tailored from 160z 100% brushed cotton canvas fabric with reinforced stitching on all seams, this uniform is made wth longevity in mind. All of that durability doesn’t stand in the way of comfort and flexibility, though. It’s also designed to facilitate unrestricted movement and optimal performance and features a traditional pull-string waist closure to allow for a secure and personalized fit. 

And when it gets hot, this uniform is also ready to keep you cool. Designed for breathability, this TSD Master Uniform incorporates ultra-channeling ventilation mesh fabric in strategic areas. On the jacket, the armpits boast 5″ long x 3.75″ wide mesh panels to promote airflow during intense training. The pants also feature ventilation mesh fabric on the inside seam at the calf, measuring 6″ wide x 10″ long, keeping the airflow optimal all over your body. 

ProForce® 5 Oz. Original Karate Uniform


If you need something even stronger than strategic ventilation, you also have the option of switching to a light weight gi like the ProForce® 5 Oz. Original Karate Uniform (Elastic Drawstring) – 55/45 Blend – With Free White Belt when it gets really hot. 

Ultra lightweight, affordable, and easy to care for, this uniform was designed to be accessible for new students, but they can benefit a wide range of martial artists. And that includes anyone who needs an alternative uniform that’s going to feel light on their bodies and their wallets when it’s sweltering. (And if you’re looking for even more reasons to invest in a light weight gi, check out our blog “The Benefits of Student Karate Uniforms.”)

ProForce® 6 Oz. Karate Shorts

Depending on the rules of your gym (always check with your sensei first) you might also have the option of training in shorts like the ProForce® 6 Oz. Karate Shorts on hot days. Made of 55/45 cotton and polyester blend, these breezy lightweight shorts provide support without constraining your movements. They also feature an elastic waistband so that you can move freely without having to worry that anything is going to shift, slip, or fall down. Plus they’re long enough to support casual gi training while giving your legs a little more breathing room. 

ProForce® II Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Whether you’re using it as an outer layer for no gi, striking, and cross-training workouts, or throwing it on under your uniform for gi training, a rash guard like the ProForce® II Short Sleeve Rash Guard can help you feel less sticky and clammy when it’s hot and humid out. 

This rash guard’s poly/spandex fiber is built to withstand punishment and provide moisture management for long training sessions. Its compression fit design can also provide comfort and superior moisture management so that you can stay fresher and dryer longer. 

ProForce® Ultra Mesh Bag

Your body isn’t the only thing that could use some extra breathing room on hot days. With its Ultra Channeling Ventilation™ mesh fabric, the ProForce® Ultra Mesh Bag can help air your gear out on the way home from sweaty training sessions and keep it as fresh as possible until you can unpack and hang everything to dry.