How To Stay Cool During Summer Martial Arts Training With AWMA Gear

0 Posted by - July 6, 2023 - Training, Wisdom

One of the most important things we learn in martial arts is how to keep our cool. Figuratively. Mental discipline, focus, and the ability to manage our emotions can help us to get more out of our training—and make us more effective in sparring and competition. They’re also valuable skills that we can take into every other aspect of our lives. 

But when summer rolls around, we have to learn how to literally keep our cool, too. 

With temperatures creeping up—and air conditioning being no match for a gym full of sweaty athletes giving it their all—staying as cool as possible is vital for our physical and mental health. Being as prepared as you can for hot weather training, being as responsible as you can during training, and taking the necessary steps to rest and recover can be the difference between productive training and a medical emergency. (And even if you manage to avoid serious issues like heat stroke, you can still wind up feeling sticky and sluggish, which can put a real damper on your motivation.) 

The AWMA Blog has already looked at how to stay safe and how to stay comfortable while exercising in the heat. And everything we covered in those blogs still applies. We recommend checking them out before you go out in this weather.

This year we’re putting a different spin on the topic by looking at what kind of martial arts gear can help you implement those tips and why they work. 

Here are 4 ways that AWMA products can keep you cool this summer. 

Switch to a light weight Karate uniform. 

There are many good reasons to invest in a heavier weight martial arts uniform that’s tournament ready and can withstand the wear and tear of dedicated regular training. Some martial artists even believe that the thicker cotton provides better ventilation during hot training and sparring sessions. But for everyone who finds relief in a heavy weave, there’s at least one other person who finds it uncomfortable to train in a thick and heavy uniform that gets even thicker and heavier when it starts soaking up sweat. 

If that’s you, a light weight martial arts uniform could be exactly what you need. The lighter weave is more breathable and won’t feel quite so much like a heavy, soaked towel by the end of your training session. You’ll still get warm and sweaty, but at least you’ll have some breathing room! 

Treating yourself to a light weight uniform for hot summer training doesn’t have to break the bank, either. The ProForce® 5 oz. Basic Karate Uniform, for example, is currently available for only $29.95-$$45.95 USD, depending on size and color. And it comes with a free white belt!

For more information on the pros of light weight martial arts uniforms, check out our blog “The Benefits of Student Karate Uniforms.

Wear a rash guard. 

Rash guards are designed to protect the wearer from rashes, infections, scrapes, and any other skin issues that might occur during intense physical training like surfing and martial arts. But this type of shirt comes with a pretty cool bonus feature. They can literally cool you down while you train. 

Here’s the theory behind how that works: the lightness of the fabric and the tight fit work together to draw the sweat off your skin and let it breathe. Which has an overall cooling effect on your body. 

Wear a headband.

Wearing either a traditional martial arts headband or a fitness headband can keep you cooler, more effective, and even safer while you train. The snug band of fabric around your head keeps your hair in place and absorbs any excess sweat on your head. This will prevent both hair and sweat—and sweaty hair—from falling into your face during martial arts. Which will allow you to better focus on doing your best while you’re training, sparring, and competing. It also prevents sweat from getting into your eyes and causing stinging and irritation.

And all of that absorption has the added benefit of keeping the sweat off your skin and out of your hair, which can keep you cooler over all. 

Freeze your water bottle before training.

Take the water bottle you use for training. Make sure that it’s safe for freezing so that both you and the bottle stay in good health. Put some water in it. Store it on its side in your freezer. Take it out just before you leave for training, either top it up with water or leave it to melt as is, and toss it in your gear bag. 

Doing this serves a couple of purposes. First, it keeps your water nice and cold over the course of your training session, which keeps you cooler and more refreshed while you’re exerting yourself. Or at least it will, as long as you’re properly hydrating during training

Secondly, it keeps your training gear cooler while you’re transporting it to the gym. Which will make it more comfortable to put on and wear during the beginning of your hot weather training. If you’re worried about condensation getting your gear wet, you can wrap your water bottle in a towel. You can also make sure you’re using a well-ventilated gear bag like the ProForce® Ultra Mesh Bag or the ProForce® Transformer™ II Bag/Backpack to prevent everything you’re carrying from getting too stuffy and clammy on your way to and from the gym.