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Check out some of the stills from our latest commercial shoot. We’re launching a whole new look for AWMA. This is the first of a series of commercials.

Camera work by Nick Snow. Make up and wardrobe by Christina Yim. And featuring the beautiful and fierce Kaitlin Marie De Santis.

still with logo 3

still 1 Kaitlin at the window, shot with back light, getting ready to go work out.

still 4 still 5

Running in Green Point. Kaitlin was a trooper. We must have gone down that street ten times. You’ll also see some nice shots of Brooklyn on the one minute version of the commercial, including a water tower shot. I wanted my own version of the Sopranos opening!

still 7 still 6

Shadowboxing at the pier. So many great places to shoot in Green Point.

still 8

The wraps were pink. That’s one of the things you missed because we decided to turn the commercial black and white. However the black and white give the video a tough, gritty look.

still 11 still 9

still 13 still 18

Hitting the pads. Kaitlin can generate quite a bit of force, especially with the roundhouse kick. You can hear some of the hits on the commercial, even over the music!

still 16 still 20

That’s me with the Gladiator pants.

We feature a number of products in the commercial: Pro Force shield, boxing groves and wraps. Lightning sparring gloves and boots, Gladiator MMA pants, Thunder focus pads and rash guard. My T-shirt and cap are also available from AWMA.

still 3 still 2

And finally winding down after the workout. A little meditation to soothe the senses and focus the mind.


still with logo 5 still with logo 2

We shot all day, under the sun, and it almost hit 90 that afternoon.

The actress was a amazing, my crew was incredible, and it was a great day all around. We’ll be releasing the commercial soon. Hope you like it!