5 Reasons To Buy From AWMA

1 Posted by - July 20, 2017 - Martial Artist, MMA, Tournaments, Wisdom

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What sets Asian World of Martial Arts apart from our competitors?

If you’re in the market for karate uniforms, karate belts, and other martial arts supplies, you probably know that your options are almost limitless. Across the world and online, there are plenty of stores that carry martial arts and exercise gear that can help you reach your training goals. So why should you do business with AWMA? What has made our store and our products the right choice for professional martial artists, martial arts schools, and weekend warriors for 45 years now? Here’s five reasons why Asian World of Martial Arts is the right choice for all of your martial arts needs.

1. Selection

Whether you train in karate, tokaido, jiu-jitsu, judo, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, hapkido, kung fu, ninjutsu, boxing, Muay Thai, or wrestling, AWMA has the uniforms, training gear, cross-training supplies, educational materials, weapons, and accessories that you need to take your practice to the next level.

AWMA doesn’t just cater to a wide variety of martial artists, though. Our store also offers a huge array of options of gear and accessories for each specific martial art. If you’re a boxer, for example, we have gloves in every style, color and brand (including AWMA’s own ProForce) you could possibly want. The same goes for hand wraps, protective gear, and training equipment like heavy bags. If you’re a karateka in the market for new uniform, we’ve got them in multiple weights and colors – including ProForce’s brand new WKF-approved gi. And if you need karate belts, we don’t just have the color and size that you’re looking for, we also have custom embroidery, and a selection of racks so that you can proudly display your hard-earned promotions.

2. Value

Just as importantly, all of the above are offered at fair, affordable prices. Martial arts can be an expensive calling or hobby, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to break the bank of your uniforms, training gear, and karate belts.

“We at AWMA strive to be a schools one stop shop, and our inventories wide selection helps us achieve that goal. Our clients are always pleased with the fact that we can present options on different brands at reasonable prices that they find helpful during the ordering process,” says AWMA customer service star Carlos Gutierrez.

If you’re looking for an even better deal, check out our online store, which often offers online-only discount specials and a large clearance section.

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3. Great Customer Service

As far as Carlos is concerned, this is the most important point of all. “I believe what sets AWMA apart from its competitors is our customer service. I’m a bit biased on this matter because I work with a great group of knowledgeable reps that are always willing to help a customer in need. When a problem presents itself we try to communicate to the client that we will work to the best of our abilities to find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the four years I’ve worked in customer service I have noticed that our strength is being knowledgeable with our products and being in tune with our client’s needs.”

4. Innovative Products

Whether it’s keeping up with the latest trends and demands in the constantly evolving sport of MMA, designing and producing World Karate Federation-approved karate gis for competition, or even something as simple as keeping up with the latest trends in combat-related fashion, AWMA and ProForce are committed to staying on the leading edge of martial arts supplies.

“What I like about AWMA/ProForce products is the high level of comfort and long-lasting quality. I always get my gear in a timely manner so I am ready for my next competition,” AWMA-sponsored athlete Shahin Jahanvash says of our gear.

To keep our training gear, karate belts, and uniforms as new and relevant as possible, we also value the feedback of our athletes, like Shahin. “They always call after the products are delivered to make sure I am more than satisfied with the products I have received.”

5. Community Engagement

At AWMA, we know that martial arts are far more than a business industry to market gear, karate belts, and tournament fees. Martial arts are a way of a life and a strong and vibrant community. So it’s important to us to stay connected to the community by appearing at tournaments and trade shows – and by sponsoring promising young athletes like Kieran Tamondong, Emma Teo, Destiny Vergara, and Shahin Jahanvash.

“AWMA’s support has helped me attend all of the largest sport karate competitions in the country and has provided me with all of the best quality martial arts equipment to use at these high caliber competitions,” Shahin says. “They always encourage and congratulate me at all of my events and help keep me motivated to continue and compete. Having AWMA as a support system at all of the competitions has helped me succeed and they truly make me feel like part of their family.”