A Back To School/ Back To The Gym Shopping Guide

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It’s back to school season! Are you ready?

The end of August and beginning of September is a transition period for a lot of people. Even those of us who aren’t students or teachers tend to treat this time of year as a new start or an opportunity to refocus and recommit to our goals. Summer vacations and summer hours are over. Summer sports leagues are wrapping up. It’s time to look at your fall goals and return to your fall routines. 

To help you get back to your education — in whatever form that might take — we’ve put together a back to school buyers’ guide. Whether your place of learning is an actual school, a dojo, or a corner of your living space set aside for at-home martial arts training, these products will help you prepare for a new year of new lessons, new experiences, new challenges, and new achievements.

The Basics

The Deal:  Wherever you’re going or going back to, you’re probably going to need to carry something. If it’s school, that will include school supplies like text books, notebooks, and possibly a laptop or tablet. If it’s the gym, you’ll need gym clothes. And if it’s the dojo, you’ll need something for storing and transporting your martial arts gear. 

The Goods:

  • The ProForce® Deluxe Expandable & Extendable “EE” III Backpack ($29.95 USD) features a padded quilted back and padded adjustable straps for your comfort. The inside compartment features a cordura fabric duffel-style drawstring opening to keep your stuff secure. It measures 12”x16″x5″ and has an expandable zippered side panel to increase the compartment size. So you can fit everything you need in there.
  • The deluxe, multi-purpose ProForce® Transformer™ II Bag/Backpack ($49.95 USD) starts at 20” long x 10” deep x 12” wide and can expand to 27” long. It features a vented front panel to keep any sweaty gear as fresh as possible, adjustable and detachable padded shoulder straps, and seven zippered storage compartments to keep all of your stuff organized and easy to find. 

For Hygiene

The Deal: If you’re carrying fitness or martial arts gear in your bag, you’re going to need to keep it fresh. And even if you’ve got less sweaty and stinky stuff in there, it can’t hurt to keep a deodorizer on hand. 

And speaking of freshness and keeping your gear protected, if you’re machine washing delicate protective gear like hand wraps or even reusable fabric masks, you’re going to need something to protect them against the bigger items in your laundry load. 

The Goods:

  • A ProForce® Camphor Deodorizer Stick($2.95 USD) is an affordable and convenient way to keep your bag and your gear smelling great. All you need to do is toss the stick into your bag, or your gloves, or your shoes, and enjoy the results. 
  • If you need something a little bigger and stronger, ProForce® Glove Guard Deodorizers($9.95 USD) are filled with cedar to freshen your gloves from the inside out. All you have to do is place them in your gloves or shoes and let the deodorizing begin. 
  • The ProForce® Hand Wrap Wash Bag ($9.95 USD) is a high quality mesh nylon bag with a drawstring closure that can hold up to six hand wraps. It also happens to be the perfect size for fabric face masks. Using a wash bag will keep your wraps and masks from getting tangled in the wash. 

For more tips on keeping your gear fresh and clean, check out our blog post on martial arts hygiene.

For Style

The Deal: You need something to wear to and from the gym. Or something to wear during your martial arts training. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect pair of pants that look cool enough for class but are also comfortable enough for remote learning or study sessions. 

The Goods:

  • ProForce Sport™ Satin Demo Pants ($48.95 USD) are 6 oz lightweight karate pants that come with side pockets and an elastic drawstring. They come in three colors in xsmall to xlarge. And they look great. 

For more on ProForce Sport™ athleisure wear, check out our interview with designer Christina Acevedo.

ProForce Sport™ Light Pink Satin Demo Pants

For Stress Relief

The Deal:  Whatever you’re starting or returning to this fall, there is a very good chance you’re going to need a way to manage your stress. Why not try hitting something?

The Goods:

  • ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Gloves ($34.95 – $39.95 USD, depending on size) are multi-purpose gloves that are perfect for boxing, martial arts, and fitness workouts. Their leatherette exterior will withstand the wear and tear of regular training. The foam core will protect your hands. And the cotton line will keep you comfortable. Available in 8 oz. – 24 oz.
  • Now that you’ve got something to punch with, you’re going to need something to hit. ProForce® II Double Paddles ($19.95 USD each) are great for target training. They’re also easy to use, which is very helpful if you need to recruit a novice to help you train. Featuring reinforced vinyl covers, double foam core, and an elastic wrist wrap strap. The foam makes a very satisfying sound when you strike it. And the Proforce® logo in the middle really helps you focus on your target. 
ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Gloves