6 Ways To Customize Your Martial Arts Gear

0 Posted by - May 1, 2021 - Training
a torso wearing a white karate gi. the person is holding a black gear bag with a pink yin and yang printed on it. they're wearing a black belt that is embroidered with the AWMA logo and their name.

Want to spice up your martial arts uniform? Thinking about personalizing your martial arts gear? Want to do something special to celebrate a milestone in your martial arts training? Looking for a unique gift for the martial artist in your life? Interested in new ways to develop team spirit at your dojo? 

If you answered yes to any of the above AWMA can help you achieve that goal with our range of custom services. Here are six ways that you can customize your martial arts gear to represent yourself and your community.

1. Custom Belt Embroidery

An embroidered belt makes an excellent gift for any martial artist — including yourself. Wherever you are in your training, it’s a great reminder of what you do and why you do it. It can be a celebration of a belt promotion or a tournament victory. And when you’re struggling a little, it can be a great reminder of your commitment to the long term. Wherever you are in your training. Custom martial arts belt embroidery allows you to represent yourself and your school or team with pride. 

AWMA offers our custom belt embroidery service on any ProForce® Solid Colored, ProForce® Striped, Pine Tree, or Tokaido belts.  Options include names, logos, and other designs, and can be done in a wide range of colors and fonts. For more information, click here.

custom belt embroidery

2. Custom Belt Rack Engraving

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your old martial arts belts as you progress in your martial arts career, we’ve got five good reasons to invest in a belt rack display. We can also help you personalize one of our wooden martial arts belt racks. For $20 USD per line, you can engrave your name or your school’s name. Contact AWMA or fill out the order form here to get started.

a wooden karate belt display with "YOUR NAME HERE" engraved on the top.

3. Custom Uniform and Gear Embroidery

Belts aren’t the only martial arts gear that you can have stitched at AWMA. If you can wear it during training — or to and from class — there’s a very good chance that we can help you personalize it. AWMA offers custom embroidery of names and designs on martial arts uniforms, beanies, caps, bags, pants, and more! No minimum order is required, and quantity discounts are available. Contact AWMA.com with your ideas to start the process. 

custom embroidery on martial arts gear bags

4. Silkscreening

Embroidery is great for a number of reasons. It looks good. It’s durable and can withstand the kind of wear and tear that martial arts gear regularly goes through. But it’s not the perfect choice for every custom job. Sometimes embroidery can be a little too abrasive for some types of martial arts gear, like rash guards. Or maybe you’re just going for a different look. For those jobs, AWMA offers a wide range of custom silkscreening services. We can screen print t-shirts, gear bags, uniforms, shields, and more. AWMA can also supply you with apparel and uniforms, if you chose. 

There is a first-time setup fee for all new silkscreening designs. But you won’t be charged any setup fees or art charges on reorders, unless you want to change the size or design of your artwork. Click here for more details or to get started. 

custom screen printing martial arts shields

5. Custom Boxing Gloves

If you’re looking for a fun new way to promote team spirit, what about matching gloves for your members? AWMA can provide your boxing team, gym, school, or club with customized boxing, MMA, or cardio gloves. Get your logos on our ProForce® gloves and see your designs come to life. 

Minimum order is 72 pairs, so getting custom boxing, MMA, and cardio gloves is definitely a group activity. Unless you go through a lot of gloves! Choose from our selection of boxing, MMA, cardio gloves, or send us your glove design and we will match it. For more information, or to get a price quote, click here

custom boxing gloves

6. Custom Gear Labels and Patches

And you don’t have to stop at gloves. You can also order a set of custom gear labels featuring your gym or team logo and apply them to all sorts of training and protective gear!

AWMA can provide your martial arts school, team, or club with custom labels for your ProForce® foam sparring equipment. Your custom design is heat-transferred onto our ProForce® Lightning or Thunder foam sparring equipment. Represent your team, school, or club in seconds with our easy-to-apply labels. Apply it to our ProForce® foam sparring head guards, punches, kicks, chest guard, shins, or any combination you like. 

The minimum order for custom gear labels is 100. For more information, including step-by-step instructions on how to apply your labels to your gear, click here.

For martial arts uniforms, gear bags, and more, AWMA also offers custom patches. Click here for details.

custom martial arts gear labels