XTREME FORMS: Is this the future?

0 Posted by - May 9, 2015 - Martial Artist, Training

When I first was introduced to Extreme Forms I didn’t think too much of them. Being a traditional martial artist my whole life, I was prejudiced against a form that emphasized showmanship over functionality and correct form.

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I have come to change that opinion.

Extreme forms are a legitimate way for the martial artist to improve their stamina, focus, explosiveness and athleticism. And let’s face it, the moves look cool.

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There’s a long going debate whether extreme training can damage the traditional aspect of the martial arts. I think the argument is mute. Extreme Martial Arts are here to stay. They are a more “Hollywood” version of the martial arts. Their moves have more in common with stunt moves than actual combat material but so what. These athletes are highly trained and the physicality of the practitioner can’t be denied.

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Extreme Martial Arts represent progress. It may be a progress that many are not comfortable with but it is progress none the less. And progress will not be stopped.

My take is that if it brings more practitioners to the sport then so be it! Through the Extreme forms people will discover the traditional vice versa.

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Still, we would love to hear your opinion. Do Extreme Martial Arts hurt traditional styles? What do you think?

Here are some examples of Extreme Forms.