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It’s almost the holiday season again, which means it’s time for another edition of our annual AWMA Blog Gift Guide! Once again we’ve assembled a collection of our top selling and most beloved martial arts gear to help you with your holiday shopping.

Without further ado, here’s our collection of new and classic AWMA products to help you find the perfect gift for the martial artists and fitness buffs in your life.

If you order by Monday, December 9 at 11:59 PM EST, you can also take advantage of‘s Green Monday Sale and get 30% off retail orders with the code “GREEN.”

Bos, Kamas, and Nunchaku

G-Force’s line of martial arts weapon has been a popular choice for the martial artists we’ve talked to since we first started the AWMA Gift Guide. And for good reason. G-Force’s range of Bos, Kamas, and Nunchaku are perfect for martial artists who want to perform and look their best. They’re lightweight, have solid and comfortable grips, and stylish designs. They come in a wide range of models and colors to meet almost any martial arts needs and tastes. Many G-Force products are hand crafted in the USA. 

“All of the weapons made by G-Force are the highest quality,” Shahin Jahanvash in the 2015 edition of our gift guide. And it’s still true today.

ProForce® also has a line of affordable, high quality, and stylish Bos, Kamas, and Nunchaku. ProForce® martial arts weapons come in a wide range of materials and shapes to suit your needs.

Recommended for: Martial artists who train and compete in weapons, collectors, and any new martial artist who wants the right piece of gear to star their training with. 

Where to buy: The price of G-Force weapons depends on weapon and model. Nunchaku start as low as $64.95 USD. Click here to see AWMA’s wide selection of G-Force Bos, Kamas, and Nunchaku and learn more.

AWMA also has a selection of ProForce® Bos ranging from $24.95 USD to $34.95, ProForce® Kama for $34.95 USD, and ProForce® Nunchaku for $19.95 USD.

ProForce® Target Master

A great addition to any home gym, the ProForce® Target Master is a new form of striking conditioning. This free-standing heavy bag’s target training setup is designed to improve your mobility and precision striking. It offers a great cardio workout, too. Each pad has been set up specifically to replicate a different angle of striking, allowing you to throw any punch, kick, elbow or any combination as you move around the bag. The ProForce® Target Master is 60” tall and has a 24” base with 4 adjustable positioned striking pads. When filled, it weights about 130 lbs. 

Recommended for: Muay Thai and MMA enthusiasts, boxers, Kickboxers, and cardio kickboxing fans. Anyone looking for a fun new home-based workout. (For more information on the benefits of free-standing heavy bag training, see our recent blog post on the topic.)

Where to buy: The ProForce® Target Master is available for $234.95 at Additional shipping applies. 

Belt Displays

Martial artists work hard for their belts. Why not reward celebrate all of that dedication by giving them the ability to showcase their efforts with a belt rack this holiday season? A belt rack, or a belt display case is a great accessory to help the martial artist in your life take pride in their achievements, stay motivated while pursuing their current goals, and keep their training gear organized. For more on the benefits a belt display, check out our blog post, 5 Reasons to Get a Karate Belt Display Rack. 

Recommended for: These display options have been designed with Karate students in mind. But they can also benefit martial artists from any discipline with a graded belt system, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Taekwondo. 

Where to buy: has belt a number of belt display options to suit any taste, including the 10 Belt Karate Belt Display Wood Rack ($34.95 USD), Belt Display Case ($69.95 USD), and the 10 Level Karate Belt Display ($99.95).

Demo Swords

For the budding samurai or martial arts collector in your life, Proforce® offers a number of sword options for practice, demonstration and display purposes. All Proforce® Extreme Demo Samurai Swords have a lightweight Aluminum non sharp polished blade, and high gloss black finished wooden scabbard. They come in three sizes (29”, 36”, 42”) and have the option of a leather wrapped handle or a wooden handle. 

Just don’t forget to give responsibly this holiday season! While demo swords make a great gift for collectors and trained martial artists who will use the sword for demonstration purposes only, it’s important to remember that all martial arts weapons should be used with expert care and under supervision.

Recommended for: Collectors and mature martial artists with the appropriate training. Samurai.

Where to buy: Proforce® Extreme Demo Samurai Swords start at $119.95 USD and are available at

Gift Cards

Still not sure? You can always buy a gift card and let the martial artist in your life decide for themselves. AWMA e-gift cards can be used to purchase from‘s full selection of martial arts gear. They’re available in amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, and $500. Each card features a unique design like the AWMA logo, karate uniform, belts, and more. 

AWMA e-gift cards, which are good for purchases on (e-gift cards are not valid for orders by phone, mail, or in the AWMA showroom) can be used to buy uniforms, belts, sparring equipment, weapons, gear bags, boxing equipment, MMA equipment, accessories, and much more. And AWMA offers free shipping on U.S. retail orders over $50!

Recommended for: Anyone who loves martial arts and fitness training. 

Where to buy: You can select your amount and design here at