Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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ProForce® Leatherette Boxing Gloves, $34.95 a pair (or$279.60 for a wreath’s worth)

The holiday season fast approaching and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the martial artist or the martial arts aficionado in your life (even if that person is you), we are here to help.

Earlier this month, Asian World of Martial Arts released our official 2015 Gift Guide. You can check out the flyer here.

If you’re still not sure, though, here are some highlights from the gift guide, some favorite picks from our sponsored athletes, and some deep cuts from our online catalogue:

Personalized Gear


Proforce® Budo Kanji Belt Rack, $49.95

According to AWMA sponsored athlete Destiny Vergara, ProForce belt racks make an excellent gift. “I gave my Sensei one last year and he used it for his old belts.”

Athlete Shahin Jahanvash is fond of the Black Dragon Fire Belt Rack. “This is a cool way for students to display their belts. It is a visual reminder of their progress and a good retention tool.”

Custom engraving is available on the racks for an added personal touch.

AWMA athlete Kieran Tamondong recommends a ProForce belt with custom embroidery. “It looks amazing and is very precious to me,” he says of his own custom black belt.  “It represents who am, how far I’ve come and how proud I am to represent my team and my sponsor.”

New for this season, AWMA now offers custom engraving on samurai swords. Prices start at $70 for sheath engraving (swords sold separately). Call us at 800-345-2962 for more information or to place your order.


Kieran Tamondong in his Heavy Weight Pro Force Diamond Gi

Kieran Tamondong in his Heavy Weight ProForce Diamond Gi, $99.95 and up

AWMA’s Danny Mendoza, Destiny Vergara, and Kieran Tamondong all suggest ProForce’s Heavyweight Diamond Uniform. Mendoza says it’s his favorite product. “It is perfect for competition and I feel really comfortable with it. I recommend it for anybody who would like to have the perfect Gi for practice and competitions!”

“Of course every marital artist need a great Gi,” says Vergara. “ProForce Diamond kata gi is comfortable and I never have to worry about my pants falling because of the elastic in the pants.”

Tamondong, who has worn his Gi at almost all of his tournaments over the past two years, raves about it. “This is an awesome kata Gi!  It fits perfectly and looks so clean and crisp.  It also produces really good ‘snap.’ It has a nice heavyweight feel but it still allows me to move freely without binding, grabbing or weighing me down. It definitely gives me an advantage.”

Kieran Tamondong in his red ProForce® uniform, $39.95 and up

Kieran Tamondong in his red ProForce® uniform, $39.95 and up

Tamondong also recommends the red ProForce uniform, another personal favorite of his. “For my creative, extreme, and musical forms and weapons, the red Gi top is one of my favs. I have worn it in combination with black pants in competition, on stage and in front of the Television cameras. TV producers have said that one looks the best.  I have to agree!”

Training and Sparring Gear

Destiny Vergara on the ProForce® Stretchmaster, $279.95,

Destiny Vergara on the ProForce® Stretchmaster, $279.95,

Vergara says the Stretchmaster is “a must for any dojo.” Mendoza calls it the prefect gift for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility. “It helps me so much and its great to use as a warmup before a training session. My kicks have now become better and it’s all thanks to the Stretchmaster!”

ProForce Lightning Shoes, $79.95

ProForce Lightning Shoes, $79.95

They’re both fans of the ProForce Lightning Shoes, too. “They are really comfortable and you can use them to warm up as well. They have black and white colors and they are perfect to wear with your Gi. I use the shoes for competition warmup and I enjoy them so much!” Mendoza says.

ProForce® Lightning Double Hand Paddle, $39.95

ProForce® Lightning Double Hand Paddle, $39.95

Kieran Tamondong’s favorite gift idea is a set of ProForce Lightning Paddles. “They feel great and are really sturdy and strong.  “They make a nice loud CLAP sound that will turn heads and make people say, WOW!”

Shahin Jahanvash says “I love using Pro Force Lightning Paddles in my classes when working with students. They are a great target and are also soft so the students don’t hurt themselves. I use them for kicking drills – they make classes exciting. We’re always using them and they haven’t lost any of their quality over the years.”


G-Force Illuminator Bo Staff, $149.95

Jahanvash also recommends G-Force’s products.  “All of the weapons made by G-Force are the highest quality. I especially like the bo staffs.”

Proforce® Gladiator Grappling & Throwing Dummy - Youth, $159.95

Proforce® Gladiator Grappling & Throwing Dummy – Youth, $159.95

For grapplers looking to add an extra element to their training, we have ProForce grappling and throwing dummies in adult and youth sizes.


Walking Dead Michonne Sword, $249.95

Walking Dead Michonne Sword, $249.95

Treat the Walking Dead fan in your life to a replica of Michonne’s favorite weapon of choice, the katana.

Set of 6 Stars, $5.95

Set of 6 Stars, $5.95

For Bruce Lee fans, we have this set of 6 black and chrome stars featuring dragon, ninja, and Bruce Lee designs (not be sold in California and Massachusetts or where prohibited by law) and a number of Lee-related books, videos, and patches.

Stocking Stuffers

ProForce® Bamboo Handwraps, $8.95

ProForce® Bamboo Handwraps, $8.95 and up

Strikers can always use another pair of handwraps, like these bamboo wraps from ProForce. And those handwraps can always use a wash bag to keep them fresh, clean, and protected from the harshness of the average washing machine cycle.

ProForce® Rebreakable Boards, $39.95

ProForce® Rebreakable Boards, $39.95

Give board-breaking enthusiasts the gifts of repeat performances with these durable, high impact molded plastic rebreakable boards from ProForce.

Suction Cup Stars, $8.95

Set of 6 Suction Cup Stars, $8.95

For the aspiring ninja, these suction cup stars are a great and safe way to work on your accuracy and technique.

Ninja Rubber Duck, $1.95

Ninja Rubber Duck, $1.95

Ninja fans probably have enough turtles, so why not give them a ninja rubber duck or two instead?

Extra Strength Tiger Balm, $19.95

Extra Strength Tiger Balm, $19.95

Training can be hard, exhausting, and sometimes even painful work, so you can’t go too wrong when you give a martial artist the gift of Tiger Balm. An ice pack might be nice, too.

Do you have any favorite martial arts-related gift ideas? Let us know in the comments!