The 5 Latest Design Trends of Sport Gear Bags

0 Posted by - September 30, 2018 - Training

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Are you in the market for a new sport gear bag? Do you want to know what the best and newest sports gear bags on the market are? Are you curious about the latest innovations in sport gear bag technology and design? You’ve come to the right place. 

Training gear has come a long way over the past few decades and the bags we use to transport and store that equipment and clothing have evolved right along with it. Martial arts uniforms and sparring gear are continuously being improved and perfected to give fighters the best competitive edge possible. Old cotton t-shirts, terrycloth shorts, and sweatsuits have been rejected in favor of high tech wicking and compression fabrics to keep athletes and fitness buffs as cool, comfortable, and supported as possible while they train and compete. And old nylon gym bags have given way to thoughtfully designed, state of the art sport gear bags that will keep your gear and accessories as organized and fresh as possible. 

With all of that in mind, we put together this guide to the newest innovations in the sport gear bag, the best sport gear bags on the market, and where to buy your next sport gear bag wholesale to help you find and purchase the very best sport gear bag for you.

1. Organizational Tools

It’s not always easy to keep things well organized and quickly accessible in an old school gym bag. It’s even harder to stay organized when you’re already tired from a good training session or competition and want to pack everything away and go home as soon as possible. That’s why the best sport gear bags on the market now have specific compartments for necessities to help you keep everything in its place with as little thought and effort as possible.

Some sport gear bags, like the Proforce® Deluxe Locker Gear Bag, have taken this dedication to keeping you and your gear as sorted as possible to a whole new level. In addition to pouches on either side for your water bottle, this sport gear bag comes with internal compression straps and removable kit organizers to keep your training gear neat and organized.

2. Post-workout Gear Storage

Organization and easy access to your most necessary gear and training accessories aren’t the only benefits of compartments in sport gear bags. A good sport gear bag will also come with a storage space specifically designed to handle your gear after your workout, keeping sweaty equipment and clothing separate from the rest of your gear and whatever else you might need to store in your bag. 

The ProForce Deluxe Grande Gear Bag, for example, has four zippered compartments – one side pocket, two end compartments good for shoes or similar items, and a large middle compartment with a double-zippered mesh closure for air flow to help gloves and uniforms stay dry.

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3. Venting

Old school gym bags did a good job of keeping all of your gear in one place, but that’s not all they kept in. A traditional nylon sport gear bag doesn’t just keep the sweat from your gear from leaking through the bag, it also prevents post-workout and post-competition gear from airing out at all, which means that things can get pretty stinky pretty quickly. And if you aren’t in a situation where you can remove and dry your gear immediately after you get home — of if you happen to forget — the odor can be hard to remove from your gear and your sport gear bag. 

A well designed sport gear bag will manage to keep your sweaty gear away from the rest of your belongings while also keeping them as fresh as possible. Like the popular ProForce® Transformer™, which has seven zippered storage compartments and a vented front panel which allows air to flow in and out of the bag.

4. Water Bottle Storage

We all know that hydration is important for any athlete’s health and performance, but it’s not always pleasant to drink a bunch of lukewarm water that’s been sitting in your gym back all day. Some new sports gear bags have been designed specifically with this in mind, like the Proforce® Power Duffle, which features two separate compartments at either end, one specially designed to keep beverages cool.

5. Personalization

Once you’ve got the technical aspects of what you need and want in a sport gear bag covered, why not have a little fun with the final touches? AWMA offers custom silkscreening, custom embroidery, and custom patch services to make your sport gear bag look exactly the way you want it to and represent your gym or team — or even yourself. See our Customize Your Gear page for more information.