Why Martial Arts Are A Good Summer Activity For Kids

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Trying out a new martial art is a great way to spend a summer vacation.

With the summer holidays on their way, many parents are looking for classes and camp options for their children. Here are five martial arts that can keep your kid happy, healthy, and engaged while school is out: 


Taekwondo helps children grow their minds and bodies. Good Taekwondo instruction will help them develop everything from strength, balance, and coordination to discipline and compassion. According to studies, well-taught Taekwondo classes also come with a low risk of injury. 


Karate, which encourages collaboration as well as individual development, helps children improve their social skills and discipline. Karate lessons will also positively challenge their fitness and motor skills. 

Mixed Martial Arts

Full-contact MMA training and competition isn’t appropriate for children, but no-contact or grappling-only mixed martial arts classes for kids can foster their fitness, flexibility, coordination, self-worth, humility, and confidence. 


In addition to hooks and jabs, boxing lessons for children teach goal setting, focus, respect, and confidence. Boxing training can also improve their overall physical and mental health.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ training for children builds muscle, increases flexibility, and sharpens motor skills. Technique training and sparring are also also great for anyone who wants to work on their problem solving skills, confidence, and cultivating a healthy sense of competition.