The Top Five Reasons to use ProForce Boxing Gear

1 Posted by - September 23, 2019 - Training, Wisdom

AWMA’s own ProForce brand makes a full range of high quality, affordable boxing gear. Our boxing gloves, boxing handwraps, heavy bags, free-standing bags, boxing focus mitts, and boxing speed bags are perfect for all of your training, sparring, and competition needs. Here are five reasons why you should be using ProForce boxing gear. 

1. We’re Your One-Stop Shop

Our line of ProForce products covers all of the bases to meet every need in training. We have a large selection of boxing gloves — and the boxing handwraps to use with them. Our line of boxing training bags features heavy bags, Muay Thai heavy bags, free-standing bags, and speed bags. We offer focus mitts and other boxing practice equipment. ProForce also sells a full range of boxing sparring equipment, including boxing headgear

boxing gear

2. Quality is Our Priority

All ProForce boxing gear is expertly designed and made from high quality materials. ProForce gloves, boxing bags, sparring gear, and practice equipment are built to help you perform at your best — and to endure the wear and tear that comes with fighting sports training. Our training gloves are made from durable synthetic leatherette. If you prefer leather boxing equipment, our premium boxing gloves are made with genuine high quality leather.

3. We Trade in Style

When you train and compete in ProForce boxing gear, you won’t just perform better. You’ll look better, too. ProForce gear comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit every taste. If you’re looking for a traditional solid color boxing glove, our Leatherette Gloves come in 14 different colors. If you want leather boxing equipment, we offer premium leather looks with Combat by ProForce and our throwback “Pro” Boxing Glove with a hybrid lace and loop design. If your style is understated but effective, we have sleek modern designs for training, including our matte ProForce Tactical Gloves and our slick ProForce Combat Gloves. Feeling adventurous? ProForce has you covered with expressive graphic designs like “Skull and Roses,” “Floral Pink,” and “Sugar Skull” that will give you the coolest boxing gloves at your gym.

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4. Your Look is Our Look with Deep Customization Options

Looking for an even more individual style for your boxing gear? All of our ProForce boxing gloves can be customized. Options include custom gym logos, fighter names, custom color schemes, and complete custom designs. We can also customize heavy bags, free-standing bags, boxing sparring gear, and more. If you’ve got a vision for customized boxing gear, ProForce can make it happen. Contact us with your ideas and/ or designs to start the process. 

5. Our Long and Storied History

We’ve been providing the highest quality martial arts and fighting sports gear for almost 50 years! ProForce is the flagship brand of AWMA, one of the leading providers of gear and supplies for combat sports since 1972. Headquartered in the historic boxing city of Philadelphia, PA, AWMA manufactures and distributes all ProForce gear. We have loved and studied boxing for a long time — and it shows in our ProForce boxing gear