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This can be a controversial topic.

I guess my short answer is you have to know your kid. Can they handle that kind of pressure? That kind of physical activity? Is it going to turn them off from martial arts all together?

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Realistic training is an essential element of the martial arts. However, the student has to be ready for that type of instruction.

I think that as long as the school follows proper safety procedures, there’s a lot to be learned from placing the child in a situation where their opponent is not cooperating. It could be a big life lesson and a huge skill to acquire. Strict supervision needs to be enforced at all times. Sparring should be stripped of its stigma. It’s not personal. It’s practice, and that’s all it is.  Your partner is there to help you get better.

All of this needs to be done the right way and at the right time. That’s a very fine line so be mindful.

If you think your kid’s not ready. Don’t push them. There’ll be plenty of time for that later.

Click HERE to see the controversial video of the Armenian 6 year old fighter that appeared on Youtube in April of this year.

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