Product Spotlight: G-Force Martial Arts Weapons

0 Posted by - June 8, 2024 - Tournaments, Training is now carrying the latest G-Force Kamas, Speed Chucks, and Bo Staffs and we at the AWMA Blog are excited to take a closer look at the design, performance, and style of these state of the art training weapons

G-Force marital arts weapons are designed and crafted in the USA to meet the needs of elite martial artists. But don’t let that intimidate you if you’re not there yet. They’re also suitable for almost every skill level and goal—and might even help you reach those goals. The weapons themselves are hailed as “the next evolution in martial arts mastery,” but they can also play a part in the evolution of your own martial arts mastery.

If you’re participating in tournaments or demonstrations, the functionality of these weapons will allow you to perform to the best of your ability. Their sleek looks will also add an extra element of style and allow everyone to get a better look at the finer points of your techniques. 

These weapons can also be effective in practice and training. Using such well designed and crafted Kamas, Speed Chucks, or Bo Staffs can help you fine tune your technique. It can also help you improve areas of your fitness that can help make those techniques even better, like hand-eye coordination, wrist strength, and agility. It might even improve your motivation, because who doesn’t feel more excited to train when they can work with such cool looking martial arts equipment?

G-Force Square Blade Kama

Crafted with precision and expertise in the USA, the G-Force Martial Arts Kama Square Blade with Machine Sheen Graphics is peak performance and style. 

On the performance side, these Kamas feature a square blade design for unparalleled stability, which allows their handlers to execute precise movements with ease. Their handles have been crafted for comfort and grip and are available in two lengths (12” and 14”) to ensure that martial artists can find the best fit possible for the size and fighting style. Whether you’re mastering intricate forms or engaging in intense sparring sessions, these Kamas will give you the perfect balance of reliably and agility.

And they’ll make you look like a star while doing all of the above. Each Kama features a sleek and futuristic aesthetic with high quality machine sheen graphics that will enhance the visual appeal of your performance and improve the weapon’s durability. Which means that you and your Kamas will continue to look your best for many tournaments and training sessions to come. 

Available in four striking color options so that you can represent your team or express your individual flair. Now selling as a pair for $149.99 USD.

G-Force Martial Arts Kama Square Blade with Machine Sheen Graphics 

G-Force Next Generation Speed Chucks

If speed chucks are your weapon of choice, G-Force has something for you that’s also forged in the USA with that same level of wisdom and attention to detail. Flashy and forward thinking enough for the latest trick and solid enough for the most foundational technique, G-Force Next Generation Speed Chucks are the ideal combination of innovation and tradition. 

Their dynamic design hinges on a cutting-edge 3-link ball bearing swivel that enables fluid, seamless motion with every strike. They also feature 3/4” diameter handles that give you the perfect balance between agility and stability, enabling you to execute complex movements with confidence. These handles are available in two lengths (9” and 11”) so that you can find the size that fits you and your preferred techniques best. 

And the personalization doesn’t stop there. The Speed Chucks’ eye-catching Confetti Color Graphics are available in five electrifying color options so that you can represent your team or show off your own style. Sold in two pairs of nunchaku for $119.99 USD.

G-Force Next Generation Speed Chucks

G-Force Extreme Grip Bo Staff

Bo practitioners, G-Force has you covered, too. Built with the same degree of craftsmanship and vision as their Kama and Speed Chuck counterparts in the USA, the G-Force Extreme Grip Bo Staff is here to give you performance and durability. 

This Bo Staff is engineered from premium hardwood with tapered ends to allow you enhanced control and precision throughout your training. It also features a leather-wrapped grip to improve your handling and comfort, give you a more secure hold on your instrument, and reduce your fatigue during extended practice sessions. It’s available in five length options ranging from 48” to 72” so there’s a perfect fit for every size, skill level, and preference. 

And these Bo Staffs look as good as they feel. Complete with a sleek machine sheen graphics finish, they’re available in four vibrant color options that will allow you to express your style while dominating your training. Designed by and for champions, but appropriate for every skill level, this Bo Staff can empower everyone from seasoned martial artists to novice enthusiasts push the boundaries of their performance and unleash their full potential. Now available at for $159.99 USD. 

G-Force Extreme Grip Bo Staff