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When I first started in martial arts we took pride in saying that our style was traditional and that it had been around for hundreds of years and that it had been used in the battlefield.

There was some kind of validity to the traditional approach. There was some kind of weight in the fact that your style had been used by the masters of old.

Those notions continue to diminish with the years, since martial athletes continue to get better and better.

form 3

When I saw a musical form performed for the first time I thought it was all flash and no substance. I still think some of that statement s true but I do have to acknowledge how skilled these athletes are.

form 1 form 5

What they’re doing may be far and away from traditional martial arts and it may be far from a practical approach, but I have to say, it’s impressive. The mere spectacle of it is outstanding.

form 4

Here’s a little video I found with a compilation of musical xtreme forms. The quality of the video is not very good, but the performances are outstanding.