Which Celebrities Prefer Boxing as a Workout

0 Posted by - April 12, 2019 - Film, Martial Artist, Training

Boxing is so hot in Hollywood right now. Whether it’s for fun, health, or a specific gig, celebrities have embraced boxing and boxing fitness classes to help them improve their bodies and their craft. Method actors train to play boxers. Models box to stay runway fit. Some stars box just for fun. Here are some of the world’s biggest boxing celebs:

Gigi Hadid

This high school athlete turned supermodel loves boxing because it keeps her physically and mentally fit. “It’s something that I can get better at,” she told Vogue. 

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Sylvester Stallone

He doesn’t just play a boxer on screen, Rocky also trains in real life. Stallone briefly worked as a boxing promoter in the ‘80s, too.


Adriana Lima

Boxing may keep this Victoria’s Secret icon in runway shape, but the real reason she boxes is because it makes her feel physically and mentally powerful.

Gina Rodriguez

The Jane The Virgin star’s dad taught her how to spar when she was a child and she’s still doing boxing training today. 


Daniel Day-Lewis

Famous for his method acting, this Oscar winner spent two years boxing to prepare for 1997’s The Boxer. Champion boxer Barry McGuigan, who trained with him, said Day-Lewis became good enough to box professionally.

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Denzel Washington

The Oscar winner, who played boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter in 1999’s The Hurricane, has been boxing for over thirty years!