How To Use AWMA’s Custom Embroidery Services Outside Of Martial Arts

0 Posted by - February 15, 2024 - You Are Legend

The MA in AWMA stands for martial arts, but that doesn’t mean that martial artists are the only people who can benefit from AWMA and ProForce’s range of products. For fitness buffs, has a great selection of exercise apparel and fitness equipment and accessories. For fashion enthusiasts, ProForce Sport’s athleisure wear is both stylish and comfortable. And for everyone who’s ever wanted clothing, accessories, or patches that speak directly to them, there’s AWMA’s custom embroidery services. 

We recently covered some of the many ways that custom embroidery services can benefit martial arts gym owners, instructors, and students. Now we’re going to think outside of the dojo and explore some other potential applications.

Let’s take a look at the types of custom embroidery services that AWMA offers and how businesses, teams, organizations, artists, and more can use them for work and pleasure. 

What custom embroidery services are available from AWMA?

AWMA offers two main types of embroidery services that can be used to make custom clothing and accessories other than martial arts gear. (If you want to get really creative, you could probably find a way to use AWMA’s custom belt embroidery outside of a martial arts context as well. Martial arts belts can make great yoga straps, for example. But that service tends to be more martial arts-specific, so we’re focusing on the other two.)

Both are available for bulk orders, which makes them excellent options businesses, gyms, artists, and more. One of these services is also available on a per item basis, giving individuals a chance to help create one of a kind designs and show off their style.

Custom Embroidery

AWMA offers custom embroidery services for a wide variety of general purpose clothing, accessories, and fitness gear, including beanies, caps, bags, pants, and more. Text, logos, and other designs are available in over 30 colors, and 20 fonts. Other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic can be embroidered, but translations for these languages will need to be provided by email. 

There is no minimum order required for this service, but quantity discounts are available for bigger orders. For more information, design consultation, quotes, and delivery time estimates, please check out the custom embroidery form and contact AWMA

Custom Patches

AWMA can provide your school, team, business, or organization with custom patches for your ProForce® equipment. Patches come in 14 size options ranging from 2”-14” and can be embroidered in as many colors as the design requires. The finish product can be attached with a patch adhesive or sewn onto clothing, acessories, and more.

There is a minimum order of 50 pieces for this service. Cost is based on the dimensions of the patch, and the estimated delivery time is approximately 3-5 weeks after final approval of your request. Contact AWMA to get started.

What are 6 key benefits of custom embroidery designs?

The reasons for ordering custom embroidery work are as unique and creative as you are. Here are a few general ideas for using these services outside of martial arts to get your mind going:

1. Team Uniforms

Martial arts teams aren’t the only sports organizations who can benefit from custom embroidered uniforms. Teams or groups participating at any level of baseball, baseketball, hockey, gymnastics, dance, dodgeball, or any other organized sport can, too. Whatever you’re involved in, wearing high quality matching uniforms encourages community and pride in your team—and it might help to intimidate your opponents. 

2. Work Uniforms

Matching custom embroidered clothing has benefits in the workplace, too. Well made custom embroidery featuring your business’s name, logo, or other branding can help to convince your customers that your company is well organized, professional, and at the top of its game. 

3. Brand Awareness And Advertising

Whatever kind of business you’re involved in, high quality custom embroidery with eye-catching designs on shirts, shorts, beanies, bags, patches, and more can help raise awareness of your work. People will see your logo or artwork out in the wild and want to know more. Which makes custom embroidered gear a solid grass roots marketing option for small businesses, organizations, and artists. 

4. Swag

Giveaways and free stuff are another great way to get the word out about your work or business. Smaller items like custom embroidered beanies and patches are affordable enough to be a worthwhile investment for contests and handouts, and high quality enough to make the people you’re giving them to want to hang onto them and wear them out in the world. Which makes these items a cost effective long term marketing plan.

5. Merch

If you’re an artist, musician, designer, content creator, or anyone else looking for an alternative to the same old screen printed t-shirt, custom embroidered merch could be for you. Shirts, shorts, bags, beanies, patches, and more featuring custom embroidered designs and logos can make great looking high quality options for fans and customers who want to show their support. 

6. Fashion

Custom embroidery can be a great way to encourage community, but these services can also be used to celebrate your individuality. Designing and ordering a single piece of embroidered clothing or an accessory is a fun and unique way to show off your style. (If you really want to be a trend-setter, you could even get a custom embroidered martial arts uniform and bring gi tops back to the fashion world!)