5 Types of Martial Arts Uniforms That Make Great Leisure Wear

0 Posted by - October 14, 2022 - Training

Martial arts uniforms and training gear is comfortable and easy to use. It’s designed to allow martial artists to focus on their technique without having to worry about anything not fitting properly, or rubbing weirdly, or any other distractions that can come with the wrong gear. 

Which makes martial arts gear perfect for training and competition. But do you know what else comfortable and easy-to-use clothing can be good for? Everyday life!

If you’ve been training for a while, you may have figured this out for yourself already. There comes in a time in almost every martial artist’s life when they look at a worn piece of gear that’s no longer in training shape and think “I bet these would make comfy PJs.”

If you haven’t hit the point in your martial arts training journey where you start to think of your old uniforms as potential sleepwear — or if you’re already there and now you’re wondering what else you can do with them — this blog is for you.

Let’s take a look at five types of popular martial arts gear that can also be used as loungewear — and some stylish alternatives if you want to be fashionable as well as comfortable.

Karate, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu Gis

Pants are the star attraction of any martial arts gi as far as loungewear is concerned. There are few things on earth more comfortable than a worn old pair of gi pants. They start out pretty great to begin with. They’re pants designed to accommodate a wide range of motion and activities, after all. But when the general wear and tear of training eventually makes them too soft for martial arts, they become even more cozy. Old gi pants are wonderful for chores and lounging. They can even be good for the gym, provided your workout doesn’t involve a lot of contact or sparring. And yes, they really do make good PJs. 

But don’t count out the potential of a worn out gi top, either. A gi top that is no longer stiff enough for proper wear and grips can make a really nice housecoat. 

MMA Shorts

They’re basically board shorts or swim trunks that have been adapted to accommodate high kicks, knees, and guard work. Shorts based on beloved lounge and activewear staples that have been designed to allow for even more freedom of movement. So it makes sense that MMA shorts could have a rich life outside of the cage. You can take them to the gym, the beach, the pool, or on vacation. Or you can hang out at home with them. 

Demo Team Pants

Demo team uniforms are for groups of martial artists who perform in demonstration or compete at tournaments. The idea behind these designs is that they allow martial artists to perform their best while helping them to stand out. Which means they’re comfortable, functional, and they look good. New or well-loved, a pair of medium weight demo pants with a drawstring waist can be loungewear or casual streetwear. 

Kung Fu Pants

Karate isn’t the only discipline that has training and competition pants that are great for relaxing or casual outing. Everything that makes Kung Fu pants ideal for Kung Fu training also makes them both feel and look great, too. The wide elastic waistband and ankle cuffs give you a snug, comfortable fit. They also give the pants a nice shape, which could add a subtle touch of a style to a casual outfit on a vacation or staycation. 

Muay Thai Shorts

They’re made of satin fabric that’s soft and smooth to the touch. They’re designed to accommodate a full range of motion from the hip joins — and stay in place while you’re kicking. And they’re arguably the best-looking martial arts gear of all. It would be a shame to retire a nice pair simply because they’re not in fighting shape anymore. A well-loved pair of Muay Thai shorts can easily enjoy a second act as loungewear, sleepwear, and beachwear. If you’re bold enough, it can even be a fashion statement. 

ProForce Sport Attire

If you love the comfort and functionality of martial arts gear, but you’re looking for something with a little more flair, ProForce Sport has got you covered. ProForce’s new athleisure line blends influences from traditional martial arts gear and street style to give you a range of clothing equally at home at the gym and at the club. ProForce Sport’s martial arts-inspired offerings include BJJ pants, demo pants, and Angel Wing Muay Thai shorts. (And if you like what you’ve seen in this blog, all of the photos feature clothing from the ProForce Sport line.)

For more information on this line, check out our interviews with ProForce Sport mastermind and designer Christina Acevedo (part 1 and part 2).