25 vs 1 – The superb fight scene from OLDBOY

2 Posted by - July 12, 2013 - Martial Artist, Photography

There are certainly a lot of things about the film business I don’t understand.

I’m not a fan of remakes to begin with, but when you remake something that’s deeply ingrained in the public’s mind and that represents everything that’s good and wonderful about the movies…well then…that just makes me mad.

It’s like trying to remake Enter the Dragon. Why? Why mess with perfection?

When I heard Spike Lee was remaking Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy I was just saddened. I don’t have anything against Lee as a filmmaker. I think he’s a fine artist. But why tarnish the public’s idea of this great film. It works. Leave it alone.

Is it the money? Well, some things should be more important than money. Always.

In the hopes that the great images from the original never subside into the background, here’s the hammer fight scene from Oldboy. Notice the incredible stunt work in this amazing ONE SHOT fighting extravaganza. Enjoy.