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I just want to start by saying that the last thing you want to do when you have a gun pointed at you is to try and disarm your opponent. I’ve been in the unpleasant situation of having a gun pointed at me and at that particular moment, the best weapon I had was my brain. The man pointing the gun was not committed and I quickly talked my way out of it.

Unfortunately, most people faced with that situation are not that lucky.

In order to disarm an attacker with a gun you must be an expert. I wouldn’t attempt it any other way. There’s just no other way around it. The person with the gun has a huge advantage over you. You’re going to have to overcome that advantage in order to overcome them.

Like most techniques involving knives, what’s taught in most martial arts school is really not that effective. If you want to see some effective gun disarming techniques you have to go to the pros. You have to go to people that understand and have experience with combat situations.

Here are some videos I found interesting.

This is an example from Krav Maga. The video’s in Italian but it doesn’t matter. The techniques are so simple that you don’t really have to understand what he’s saying. Simple is always best when it comes to a dangerous situation.

Here’s another one that concentrates more on the timing of the disarm rather than the technique.

This one I’m sharing because the guy’s super fast and it’s just fun to watch.

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