6 Benefits of Wearing CrossFit Gloves

0 Posted by - October 29, 2018 - Training, Wisdom

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Are you new to strength and conditioning training and wondering if you need to invest in some fitness gloves or cardio gloves? Or maybe you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while and wondering if your hands, wrists, and overall wellbeing would improve if you were to buy a pair of CrossFit gloves wholesale and start using them during your workouts. 

Whatever the case, the question of whether or not to train with CrossFit gloves or fitness gloves is one that’s been on a lot of fitness buffs’ minds lately. Weightlifting and cardio gloves have gone in and out of fashion a fair number of times since they were first introduced to gym culture. They were embraced by serious strength trainers for their ability to help them reach new personal bests without risking injuries to their hands and wrists. Then they were dropped by weightlifters who believed that they interfered with grip strength — and that it wasn’t “tough” to wear them. Now, though, CrossFit gloves are being embraced by a whole new generation — and a whole new type — of fitness enthusiast who are seeing improvements in their performance and their wellbeing as the result of investing in a pair of fitness gloves wholesale. Here are six of those benefits that they’re currently enjoying: 

1. Pressure Relief

Most strength training equipment is hard on the hands and griping the handles to pull, push, lift, and/or swing this equipment can put a lot of stress on certain pressure points. A good pair of CrossFit gloves is designed and padded in a way that helps to more evenly distribute this pressure across your entire hand. This can make lifts less painful, and can even make your workouts more effective as a result. 

2. Blister and Callous Prevention

The above mentioned grips can also be hard on your skin. It can pinch in certain places and rub in others. When you combine that with the sweat that you you’ll produce during your average strength training session, working out without a pair of fitness gloves can often lead to blisters, callouses, and other long-term wear and year on your hands. In addition to the pressure relief mentioned above, CrossFit gloves are also designed to keep you hands cool and dry. So a good pair of fitness gloves, cardio gloves, or CrossFit gloves can also keep the surface of your hands pain-free at the gym, and callous and blister-free for your comfort (and also your looks, if that’s a concern) outside of it. 

3. Wrist Support

Strength and conditioning training can also be tough on the wrists. Everything from push-ups to bench presses puts the wrists in positions that most of us don’t use in our daily life — and with an added load that we’re not used to, either. A pair of fitness gloves or CrossFit gloves with wrist support will help to support these joints as they adapt to the new demands of your workouts. Think of your CrossFit gloves as an extra level of tendons and ligaments that help to keep everything in place so that you can train as functionally and safely as possible. 

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4. Grip Assistance

If you don’t have 100% confidence in your grips during moves like chin-ups and bench presses, strength training can get scary fast. What if your hands get sweaty and you slip or drop something? CrossFit gloves can help you to keep those grips firmly in place by keeping your grip surface dry. The palms of most fitness gloves are also made of materials that will help keep those grips firmly in place throughout your workout. 

5. Infection Prevention

Gyms are busy places. A lot of people use and sweat on the equipment day in and day out, and things don’t always get properly wiped down between each use. Using a pair of CrossFit gloves, fitness gloves, or cardio gloves can give you an added layer of protection against any germs that might be lingering on your equipment and other surfaces, and help to guard you against colds, and other issues that are common in gym environments, like staph infections. 

6. Increased Performance

With all of the above mentioned issues taken care of thanks to your CrossFit gloves or fitness gloves, you’re free to focus on your workouts and pursuing new personal bests as supported, safely, comfortably, and healthily as possible.