HOW TO MAKE A KUNG FU MOVIE 5 – Finding your star!

0 Posted by - April 6, 2015 - Martial Artist, Wisdom

Sometimes fortune smile upon us. I’ve always been a firm believer that a good martial artist has to have the ability to adapt. A filmmaker has to be able to do the same thing.

No matter how well you prepare for a shoot or for a fight, things can always happen to throw you off track. Whomever is able to adapt to the changing situation with more speed and versatility wins.

I guess you can say the same thing for filmmaking. I guess you can say the same thing for life. Curve balls are always going to come. If you can change, you’ll do well.

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few weeks you know that I’ve been working on developing a martial arts script for my next movie. The process itself is a lot of fun.

This last week I’ve met somebody that might change the process all together.

Through a friend at the New York Film Academy, the very talented filmmaker Sean Robinson, I was introduced to Simon Lok, who’s son Aidan Lok is an extremely talented martial artist. Aidan is also only nine years old.

aidan 5  aidan

Simon’s been looking for a film project for his son to work on and we sat and talked about the possibility of working together on something.

We got along right away. Simon has a great can-do attitude that’s very refreshing especially to somebody like me that comes from the film industry where talk is king and actually doing stuff doesn’t really take center stage…sometimes never!

Simon and I have been martial artists for a long time and we have similar ideas about action movies and choreography. We’re both interested in highlighting the skill of the practitioners using long takes and creative camera angles. We spent a while talking about film toys and cameras.

The martial arts scrip that I had recently finished is not really appropriate for his son but we’ve started talking about some new ideas to develop into movies. It’s an exciting time.

Aidan has incredible talent. His spirit comes through in everything he does. It’ll be a great pleasure of we get to work together on this. He certainly has the makings of a martial arts movie star.